Entertainment Options You & Your Kids Can Enjoy Together

Having fun as a family can be difficult to figure out because it can turn into a lot of trying to decide what everyone will enjoy doing. First, however, families must figure out how to spend time together since this will allow them to bond and feel more like a solid family unit.

It’s not as hard as it seems! Here are a handful of ways to enjoy time for families with kids of any age.

Go Geocaching

Although it may seem that Geocaching reached its peak in the early 2010s, it’s never too late to get into this awesome outdoor experience. Make sure that the app is only on an adult’s device, and make it clear to your kids that they can’t do this without you. This is for their safety so they won’t accidentally meet up with strangers from the internet.

Have fun spending time outside together, and come up with creative things to leave in caches, rotating who gets to pick something out each time. Although you could take one item for each person and leave one item behind each, it’s better to spread it out so that other peoples’ things are still there to pick from.

Make a Movie Night at Home

Movie nights might not sound out of the ordinary when you’re trying to separate kids’ and adults’ entertainment: but consider looking into the many different ways you can make a movie night in your own home! You can set up a projector to face a plain white wall, or you could set up a pillow fort so that you get to spend the whole movie cozy and bundled up together.

Be creative, and make sure to make huge buckets of popcorn or offer whatever other snacks your family enjoys so that everyone can have a great time. If you plan to do this often, rotate who picks the movies, and have fun deciding on things that the entire family will enjoy.

Kid-Friendly Sports like Bowling and Minigolf

Being active is a fantastic way to spend time with family. Not only does it put everyone in a better mood, but it also allows you to be competitive and show each other what you’re capable of!

The most kid-friendly sports out there are bowling and mini-golf since both allow for an equal playing field. So have fun with it, and make sure nobody gets too competitive; this is a game, after all.

At-Home Bob Ross Night

If your family is more creative or is willing to be a little goofy and have fun, try a bob ross night! To do this, buy a bunch of paint, some canvases, and brushes (bonus points if you check the video first to ensure you get the right colors) and follow along with a Bob Ross video! This is awesome if your kids are at least six and older since they’ll be less likely to make huge messes but will still be able to enjoy every moment of the activity.

You Don’t Have to Break the Bank to Have Fun!

Having fun with your kids doesn’t have to be pricey! Try some of these ideas and have an awesome time.


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