Anthony The Mouse Who Stirred At Christmas

Anthony The Mouse Who Stirred At Christmas

By Kurt Wagner & Family

Illustrated by Tyler Fewell

Picture Book

38 Pages

Ages 3+

Bee Happy Publishing


The magical Christmas season was near! Anthony had been a good mouse, knowing that Santa was always watching.

Hoping Santa would bring him a gift, Anthony was determined to stay awake and see him. Will this be the year he sees Santa? Enjoy this tale of family traditions and the excitement of the holiday season for children of all ages.

Make Anthony The Mouse Who Stirred at Christmas part of your holiday story time tradition!

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Anthony the Mouse is a unique character that you will be seeing more of on my pages. This book shares the magic of Christmas! Anthony has his own little cottage inside his humans family home. He’s bound and determined to talk to Santa when he gets to the house on Christmas Eve. However, Anthony gets hungry and goes to snack on some cookies Mrs. Fletcher made earlier in the day and missed Santa!! He’ll have to wait until next year to try and catch him again!

A magical story – one of my favorite parts is when Anthony in riding in the train around the bottom of the Christmas tree!

The Anthony The Mouse Series is something really special – I have more posts lined to in the near future to share with you. I think it’s totally amazing that this series is a family effort. To be that close knit with your family to create a children’s book series is something I strive to do. They are fully integrated in their community, doing what they can to help, truly an inspiration. So to the Wagner Family, my hat is off to you! Working with you is an honor!!

A Note From The Author

About me: My parents moved their family of 7 to small town Bellevue, IA in 1977 after purchasing a business that became the “Family Farm” for the next 31 years of my life. The single business grew into several businesses over this time span. I met my wife Tina after we hired her to work at our business. I married Tina in 1988 and we had 4 beautiful children together. Alec, Jake Ciarra and Kole. We lost Alec a few months after he was born so he is now our guardian angel in heaven.(The family picture on the wall in Anthony’s bedroom illustration).

After this tragedy we put more focus and emphasis on the importance of being a part of our other children’s lives. The saying that “you can’t be a good parent and be friends with your children” is simply not true in our case. My children are my best friends and we enjoy our time together very much.

After my father passed the family businesses were sold and we all pursued other passions. I always enjoyed being creative and decided to share my creativity in our stories.

All of our stories are based on my families traditions and fun activities we have enjoyed together as a family over the years. Children at my school visits ask why I chose to write about Christmas for our first book. I simply tell them I chose Christmas because it is my favorite holiday. 🙂

All of our children enjoy it as well and we go full “Clark Griswold” decorating the exterior of our house each year. Of course they are all older now and we enjoy more cocktails and less hot chocolate at this age.

Last Christmas Eve Kole came home and drug out all of our old electric train and track. Jake and Ciarra joined in and we spent Christmas Eve building a ginormous train track. Fantastic fun.

Our books deliver only slight messages as I feel life expectations happen a lot quicker for children today compared to my childhood and I believe children need to have time to be silly and use their imagination and try fun ideas.

In our books Anthony shares these fun ideas with little readers that are reflections of things our children did and enjoyed. I know these ideas to work because they have been tested so-to-speak.

Along with presenting children with these fun ideas and to promote interaction we also had our illustrators convert all of our illustrations into coloring page form so children can use their own imagination and creativity while building some hand strength and coordination. This same thought process is why we had plush toys created. Makes our characters a bit more real and fun to cuddle with when children read or they can take them on their own adventures when playing.

After the positive response we received to our Christmas story we decided we had more fun stories to share. We are publishing book number 8 this year, “Anthony’s New Bike”, this story is based off of my childhood memories. We are also having a Sally Plush Toy created this year. It has been on purpose that our books are designed and illustrated in lots of colors and details. On one of my earliest school visits reading our Christmas book, a little girl mentioned during discussion time that the Christmas tree cookie was in the book 3 times. 🙂 This reinforced that children love details and we pursued thisconcept throughout all of our stories with repeating objects that parents can choose for the children to watch for while they read or the books are read to them.

It really keeps the children engaged in the story. In the summer vacation book we inserted Anthony’s Teddy bear in multiple illustrations for readers to watch for.All of our books start with Anthony coming out of his mouse hole door greeting the new day or adventure.

All of our books except for the ABC book and Farm books (The early learners) end with Anthony back in his room reflecting on his fun activities. We made this illustration into sort of a Seek and find. For instance: The summer vacation book has several items or souvenirs from his vacation for children to spot.

I try to insert what I call giggle pages where the image is so silly that children giggle. Example: Anthony’s Big gum bubble in Rainy Day or in Summer Vacation when he has to have sunscreen applied. I also try to have Anthony using human size items in his day to day whenever possible.

All of our books have been printed in the USA. Important to me and some folks that have purchased from us.

All books are a high quality laminated hardcover with thick gage paper. No paper jackets for children to wrestle with – I did not like the paper jackets as a child. 🙂

Connect With Anthony The Mouse

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Huge thanks to Kurt and his family for my gifted copy of this book! To grab this book or any other Anthony The Mouse book head over to the website below! Use my code BOOKWORMS during checkout to get 10% off!! You can also find coloring and activity pages to download for free at their website!

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Have a wonderful day my friends!

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