Herman And The Princess Gull Book Tour

Herman And The Princess Gull

By Captain Lew Maurer

Illustrated by Candice Camling

Picture Book

38 Pages

Ages 1-12

‎Compass Rose Press USA

Hardcover ~ Kindle

When two unlikely characters find each other they decide that friendship is better than instinct.

Remember that wonderful, feel-good moment when, for the first time, we see a tender, loving exchange between two animals?

In Herman and the Princess Gull, it is especially heartwarming because the two animals would normally be life and death enemies.

Herman was inspired by a true event on a lovely beach in Costa Rica. The author includes the “backstory” at the end, lending a nice, educational touch to the “cast of characters.”

Herman and Antares will melt hearts and become heroes of the sea for children everywhere. Be prepared-kids ask to hear this story night after night.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A wonderful story about an unlikely friendship and dreams coming true. Herman the crab is stuck on his rock with no way to walk on the beach – because seagulls would definitely eat him. At night when the tide rises he’s in danger from the fish who could eat him. When a very tired, worn out seagull stops by his rock, Herman finds himself a new friend. I love how the story tells of how hermit crabs get a larger claw on one side as well as why they wear seashells – very clever. The back of the book has interesting facts about each of the characters in the story as well. The Illustrations are beautiful, just as the story itself is.

The Duo Behind The Magic

Captain Lew Maurer grew up on fishing boats, and spent his entire life on the water, repairing, building, and operating commercial and pleasure vessels all over the world. This depth of knowledge and experience gave him the ability to build and captain Moana a very special, long-range power catamaran. His love affair with the sea is tangible as he describes in authentic detail, his fifteen-year odyssey to the most remote places on our planet. He calls San Diego home … when he is home. Learn more at: https://compassrosepressusa.com/herman/

Candace Camling lives in Des Moines, Iowa with her family where she writes and creates artwork in her attic studio. She earned a BFA in illustration and digital media from Kendall College of Art & Design. Candace has won many awards in juried shows and contests. She has also worked with a wide variety of clients and collaborators. You can visit her at www.camlingstudio.com

Q&A with Captain Lew Maurer: Author of Herman and the Princess Gull

Question: What inspired you to write Herman and the Princess Gull?

Maurer: Herman and the Princess Gull was inspired by a true event on a beautiful beach in Costa Rica, twenty years ago. While I was out surfing, my girlfriend Debbie discovered a hermit crab hiding under some seaweed. The poor crab had no shell for protection, so the hunt was on, and we eventually found an empty shell that was just the right size. It was heartwarming to see him crawl into the shell and we put him on the sand to join his friends.

Q: Which animal behaviors are factual?

Maurer: Except for the relationship between Herman and Antares, the cast of characters’ behavior is quite factual. Herman is a lonely hermit crab who has no shell to protect him from predators, and he has one large claw. Antares is a Heerman’s Gull that is indeed more beautiful than the Herring Gulls and a better flier. Herring Gulls are the bully’s of the waterfront, fighting and screeching all the time over food. The snappers are night stalkers, exactly as depicted when Herman falls in the late afternoon.

Q: Why are the illustrations more authentic instead of whimsical?

Maurer: I considered making the illustrations with a whimsical touch, but after a lifetime love affair with the sea and all its creatures, I wanted to share the real beauty of my world with my young readers. In truth, it is impossible to improve on Mother Nature.

Q: What do you hope readers will take away from Herman’s tale?

Maurer: I was small for my age when I was a young boy. The world was big and I was a bit scared to try to do many things. I want my young readers to understand how Herman was like that, but decided to be brave and help Antares. And in life, when you take a chance to help someone, you can be rewarded with unconditional love and friendship.

Q: How does your sailing experience inform the story?

Maurer: In the real marine world, interactions between its inhabitants are usually a brutal, never ending struggle for survival. There are exceptions, when one animal has a friendly if not loving relationship with another. Spending so much of my life at sea, I saw these rare and heartwarming encounters that no doubt influenced how I wrote Herman and the Princess Gull.


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2 thoughts on “Herman And The Princess Gull Book Tour

  1. Thank you for your kind words, “Momma”! If only one child decides “Herman and the Princess Gull” is their favorite bedtime story, I will consider my book to be a big success!


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