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As a Christian mom, I’m always trying to learn more about God so that I can raise my son the right way. Oftentimes I pray for the things I need and want, but are those the things that God wants for me? I have a hard time distinguishing between God’s Will and mine. Just because I believe something to be right for me, doesn’t always mean it is.

In this online Bible study, we can learn how to discern God’s will and tell the difference. This course is normally $30, but my viewers can get it for free! Just click below!

Free Bible Study

Let me tell you a little bit about the study.

Life Shouldn’t Be Ordinary.

Isn’t there more to life than this?

Many of us feel lost, stuck, or unfulfilled. We question our purpose in life and wonder why God created us.

We wonder whether there’s more in store for us and question why God created us.

Discover God’s plan for you.

But the truth is that God does have a plan for you: an extraordinary plan, and none better!

I created Discerning God’s Will to walk you step-by-step through the process of understanding and receiving God’s will

You’ll learn exactly how to be lead by the Holy Spirit towards your best, most fulfilling life, with advice specific to your issues and life decisions.

What’s Included In Course:

Video Course – 8+ Hours of step-by-step video lessons on how to discern God’s will.

Tools for Discerning – Step-by-step guidance on prayer, journaling, spousal dialogue, and tools for discerning God’s will.

Downloadable Workbook – 150 pages of practical tips, exercises, prayer, and Bible Study to help you discern God’s will.

My Thoughts

Rating: 5 out of 5.

First off, I love how it’s broken up into 9 different video intervals. This allows you to go at your own pace, really absorbing what you learned. The workbook that comes with it is packed with information and writing prompts. This study can help give your life the direction you’ve been looking for. Each lesson in the workbook gives you a comprehensive overview of the verses read and has room for you to write down what they mean to you. The workbook also gives synonyms for words that aren’t used that often in this day and age. This Bible study has been an eye opening experience for me, and I highly recommend it.

Normally this study does cost $30, but my viewers can get it for free now, just click below!

Free Bible Study

This course is brought to you by All For Jesus Ministry. Right along with amazing Bible Studies they offer a wide range of services such as retreats and books.

About All For Jesus Ministry

God took some biblically seeking, ordinary people with ordinary lives who were walking down a path towards a mediocre and unfulfilling existence. As they sought the true heart and the true ways of Christ and the scriptures, God showed up and turned their world upside down in the best way possible.

Two decades ago, Rich and Linda Case were a couple who had been believers for most of their married lives. They regularly attended church and bible studies, but knew in their heart that something was not quite right in their daily walk with God. They found themselves asking the Lord, “how come the truths and promises of Scripture are not really true in our own personal experience?” Even though they tried to live out their lives dedicated to their faith as best as they could, it continually did not seem attainable. Was salvation just a “ticket to Heaven” as most of the Christian church teaches and was the abundant life only meant for when they got to Heaven?

It was on a trip to Austria with several other couples that the Lord spoke clearly to the Case’s in the midst of these struggles. The group of friends engaged in what was planned to be a brief devotion in the morning through a few Bible passages, but God had other plans. Through the incredibly impactful concept of Abiding in the Vine from John 15, God changed the hearts of every person there. Rich and Linda’s relationship with one another and with the Lord was not simply restored, it was resurrected; and each couple, including the Cases began living out the abundant life promised by Christ.

Rich and Linda walked away with the same thought, if this was what God could do through an informal in-depth time in His Word, what could He do through a well-understood, leader-guided dive into The Word?

The answer was—quite a lot. It so transformed these couples that their friends noticed the shift in them as individuals and as a couple. The original “retreat” couples shared their experience and those around them wanted to experience this shift. This continued happening again and again, retreat after retreat.

Now, through All For Jesus’s not-for-profit retreat ministry, the Lord has healed marriages, restored faith, removed resentment, and restored joy of over 2,500 individuals.


I want to thank Front Gate Media and All For Jesus Ministry for gifting me and my followers with this life changing Bible Study. To get started just click the link below!

Free Bible Study

For all my readers, thank you for joining me today! I hope you all enjoy the Bible Study and have a blessed day!


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