WompleBox: South Africa

It’s that time again!! WompleBox has delivered yet another amazing box. I can’t wait to tell you about this one.

Also starting today (10/25) until Friday (10/29) you can get your first box for $1 on 6 or 12 month WompeBox subscriptions. COUPON CODE: SPOOKY1

WompleBox after WompleBox I am constantly surprised with learning something new with my child. Box after box we travel around the world!

🇿🇦 South Africa WompleBox 🇿🇦

Let’s dig right in and find out what’s in the box!

  • Life In The Fast Lane Book featuring our pen-pal Womple.
  • Cape Town Cableway STEAM Project
  • Nelson Mandela Painting Project
  • Fold Out South Africa Map & Culture Facts
  • South Africa Postcard & Stationary
  • Collectible Keychain – African Penguin
  • Collectible South Africa Sticker Sheet

So with each WompleBox we get, we go ahead and sit down and read the book. Inside the book is filled with facts about each place you visit, told from Womples prospective in a fun and imaginative way. The book lays the ground for the rest of the box for you. After reading then we pick our first project. Everything you need for each project is provided. It’s fun, quality time spent with your child. On the reverse side of the map there’s always a cool recipe to try out as well. There’s also special stationary for each place in every WompleBox – that way you can write about your experience, put it in the envelope and send it! The collectible Keychain, stickers and postcards are some of my favorite items in each box.

It’s been a very long time since I was in school – so with each WompleBox I’m learning right along with my son! He gets excited every time we come home and he sees his special box on the stairs waiting for him. In my opinion it’s the best subscription box for kids out there right now!!

About Womple Studios

We’re a global team of storytellers, educators, and designers. We’re also parents, kids-at-heart, and adventure-seekers. We’re individuals with a variety of life experiences, but we share a common passion for exploring the world and beyond – or, as we like to call it, wompling!

Womple Studios Mission

We want to ignite a passion for discovery and learning that will last a lifetime. And the best way to engage kids and spark their interest is through the incredible power of storytelling.

Who hasn’t been swept away by a story? Great stories transport you to new places: spelunking in underwater caves, trekking through hot and humid jungles, climbing to the peaks of treacherous volcanoes.

Stories also help kids understand complex topics and other people by immersing them in new experiences and putting them in others’ shoes. Stories illuminate new concepts, expand kids’ worldview, and build empathy.

That’s why we spend our waking (and dreaming) moments creating new stories. Through words, images, and hands-on activities, every Womple Studios product is built around a story and crafted to immerse kids in an amazing experience while discovering the wonders of our world.

There are many different options to choose when buying. You can get purchase the subscription monthly, 3 months, 6 months or a year! Shipping is always free! You can also purchase a plush Womple to complete the experience! To start your journey with Womple just click that link below!! Don’t forgot to use coupon code SPOOKY1 to get your first box for $1 on the 6 or 12 month subscription! Valid until 10/29/21!!

Get WompleBox

Huge thanks to my partner, Womple Studios – you guys are amazing and never cease to surprise with quality and imagination!

To all of my readers, thank you for coming by, hope to see you for our next WompleBox trip! Have a wonderful week!


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