The Story Of Me! Journal

The Story Of Me! Journal

By ArtGiftingCo


200 Pages

Ages 5-99



Journaling connects the mind, body and soul. It gives the pause to reflect on what you’re thinking to understand what you’re feeling. As Flannery O’connor famously said: “I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.”

Designed as a junior self exploration diary this journal helps focus on self development and growth. It helps kids believe in themselves and face challenges with confidence by strengthening their social emotional behaviors.

The kid friendly layout is an inviting way to get kids excited for journaling without leaving them overwhelmed.

Designed in the USA.

  • 5.5″ Square
  • 200 Page Book (50 each of 4 variations)
  • Red Vegan Leather Cover

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What a gorgeous journal!! The pictures do not do this journal justice. Get your child thinking with their very own journal. They can circle their “feelings” for the day and then write about them. Being able to express yourself in different ways is so important – especially for children. Maybe they have something they need to get out but don’t feel comfortable telling anyone. With a journal they can do just that. Journaling is also a great way at reflecting back on different times in your life that you thought we important. This journal is a beautiful red, a vegan leather. It’s sent in a gift box the same color. Wonderful gift to give.

The Story Behind The Journal

As the parent of a child with social anxieties who often got into trouble and over reacted on little nuisances that came his way, I learned that the best way to help him deal with these situations was making him aware of the emotions that were the triggers behind the outburst. Though I didn’t have this journal we would do exactly what this journal does but with conversation. We would go over the outburst and review what caused it. We would then figure out what that he was feeling that caused him to overreact and discussed how he can react in a smarter way next time that emotion comes up. I saw tremendous growth in his behavior and figured this can be of help to others struggling and kids in general. I felt the need and therefore put together this journal.

Huge thanks to ArtGiftingCo for my gifted copy in exchange for my honest review. To get your child this phenomenal journal click the link below!

Buy The Journal

Have a great day my friends!


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