Tripod Kitty And The Recipe For Kindness

Tripod Kitty And The Recipe For Kindness

By Clarice Nassif Ransom

Illustrated by David Gnass

Early Chapter Book

56 Pages

Ages 6-8 ‎

Mascot Books


Orie is a handsome and athletic kitty who overcomes cancer and the loss of a limb during summer break. He is afraid to go back to school because he is now different. Through a wise teacher, Orie and his friends learn that the recipe for kindness can be as simple as baking chocolate chip cookies.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I loved this story! It was packed with amazing subjects that can be tough to approach with younger children. Orie is a handsome black cat with a lot of friends. Two crows are always picking on him. When school is over and summer begins, Orie finds out he has cancer in his leg. He loses his leg and has to hop instead of walk. When they go back to school Orie is picked on again. Having his feelings hurt. When the teacher decides to give them all a lesson in kindness they are sure to never forget.

Sometimes kids don’t realize what they are doing hurts others and need to be more mindful of that. This book emphasizes differences in others and that’s what makes them special – how they can all work together beautifully. I loved this book and there’s a bonus chocolate chip cookie recipe in the back that I can’t wait to try!

Want to learn more about the author and Orie? Check out this wonderful article I found – what an inspirational tale.

In The News

Huge thanks for the wonderful people at Foreword Publicity and Mascot Books for my gifted copy of this amazing book in exchange for my honest review. To get a copy for your home click the link below!

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