Rooted Book Box

Good afternoon my book loving friends! Today I want to share a hidden gem of a pre-teen subscription book box with you.

Rooted Book Box is a Christian worldview subscription book box aimed at preteen readers.With Rooted Book Box you can get the subscription or order just the monthly boxes you choose.

What’s In A Box

  • Main Book
  • We will also include some discussion questions for you and your Rooted Reader!
  • 2nd Book
    This will be a devotional book or possibly a journal to encourage writing. At times we will be able to include a second fiction book. These items will relate back to the theme of the Box that month.
  • Bookmark
    Every book needs a bookmark. These will fit the theme of the main book or box as a whole.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As a Christian mom & reader I think this book box is amazing. For the month of September I got Brave Ollie Possum By Ethan Nicolle – a gorgeous 384 page hardcover, Anxious For Nothing – a beautiful, 240 page paperback, a possum bookmark and questions to start a conversation about the book. I appreciate the diversity of the book selection. I love that each month there is a devotional book – help your pre-teen explore their Faith. I’m also a huge fantasy fiction lover so I personally find the main book phenomenal. You can get all of this delivered to your door at an affordable price. I personally look forward to getting my book subscription each month, I know that pre-teens will be just as thrilled.

September’s Book Picks

Brave Ollie Possum

By Ethan Nicolle

Middle Grade Fiction

384 Pages

Ages 8-12

‎Canonball Books

Ollie must learn to be brave or end up a bowl of soup.

Ollie Mackerelli is determined to face his fear of the dark once and for all, but he gets more than he bargained for when his therapist turns out to be an actual monster. To make it even worse, Ollie is transformed from a boy to a possum and locked in a cage.

With no way to call for help, Ollie must learn to be brave (with the help of some furry friends) or he will be the main course.

Adventurous, imaginative, and fantastically illustrated, Brave Ollie Possum is the debut children’s story from author and screenwriter Ethan Nicolle.

Anxious for Nothing (Young Readers Edition): Living Above Anxiety and Loneliness

By Max Lucado

Self Help

192 Pages

Ages 8-12 ‎

Thomas Nelson​

Our kids are under tremendous stress and pressure, with a rapidly changing culture demanding more and more from them. More attention, more screens, more intensity, more fear. Anxious for Nothing helps young people overcome the anxiety and pressures of today’s world and come to a deeper understanding of God’s loving presence as promised in Philippians 4:6-7, drawing on content from Max Lucado’s bestselling book of the same name.

In this chaotic age of social media, packed schedules, and an increasing awareness of the world’s problems, it’s normal for young people to feel overwhelmed sometimes. But the good news of the gospel has not changed. This encouraging book will help tweens and teens take control of their feelings and choose to focus on God’s truth. This much-needed book adapts content from You Are Not Alone and Anxious for Nothing.

With the warmth and authenticity that has made him a beloved pastor and writer, Max Lucado middle graders and tweens: biblical hope and powerful strategies to help them flourish amidst struggles – encouragement that God is near, He cares, and He listens truths to claim for themselves in difficult moments practical ways to work through their worries and rely on God’s faithfulness.

This special edition of Anxious for Nothing also includes:

A note to kids from author Max Lucado application questions, journal prompts, and activities that guide kids in Christ-focused mindfulness callouts and infographics featuring relevant Bible verses, and takeaways sidebars addressing technology-related stress Practical, motivating, and biblically grounded, Anxious for Nothing (Young Readers Edition) is a timely book for kids who feels overwhelmed, lonely, or anxious, or who simply want to experience God’s abundant joy and peace.

About Rooted Book Box

We were looking for ways to get more Faith based books in the hands of our children that love to read. While there were a lot of great subscription book options out there, none of them seemed to point to the themes and values we want echoed most in our home. While searching for options I became frustrated but figured that I couldn’t be the only parent that felt this way. So here we are! Reading a bunch of books so that you as parents and help encourage and support your young readers.

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Huge thanks to Rooted Book Box for gifting me a box so that I could share it with you all. Make sure you go and check them out! You can choose from past boxes or subscribe to get one each month. Let’s help support this small business who’s trying to make a change in the world!

Have a blessed Columbus Day!

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