Active Minds Get Excited About Preschool Activity Book

Active Minds Get Excited About Preschool Activity Book

Activity Book

64 Pages

Ages 3-5 ‎

Sequoia Children’s Publishing


Little ones are ready to get excited about preschool! This 64-page activity book features fun and engaging activities that help teach early learning concepts like letters, numbers, shapes and much more.

This book is special because:

  • Includes more than 100 stickers and 200 activities
  • Learn ABCs, 123s, shapes tracing mazes and more!
  • Educational Focus: Develop Cognitive Thinking, Logical Thinking Skills, Strategic Planning, Puzzle solving

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Activity books play such a big role in our house right now. With my little guy, who started preschool this year, we want to help his academics as much as possible. Active Minds is a series I’ve come to love. The characters are big and adorable – catching your little ones attention and holding it. Tracing, matching and puzzles help reinforce what they are learning in the school room. With 200 activities and a ton of stickers your child will have tons of fun! This activity book is guaranteed to give your child a headstart in their learning process. Your kids will get excited doing the activities and fell accomplished when they finish them.

Sequoia Children’s Publishing

At Sequoia, our mission is to support the time honored tradition of parents, caregivers, and children reading together. It’s a privilege to introduce children to the magic of storytelling. It’s easy to underestimate the importance of stories in a child’s world. In our busy modern world, where many are reduced to the passing images on a screen, we strive to instill the value of children’s literature with a variety of carefully selected tales that open up a world of imagination and possibilities.

Our educational products introduce many of the basic building blocks a child needs to discover and learn. With the ABCs, 123s and more, our products engage each child in different and exciting ways. Whether it’s through reading, listening, or creating, our books and activities connect with young minds on multiple levels.

Our books and activities inspire parents, caregivers, and children to read, play and build memories together.

At Sequoia, we create possibilities.

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I’ve had the phenomenal opportunity of working with Sequoia Children’s Publishing, an imprint of Phoenix International, Ltd. for a while now and I can honestly say that they have some of the most amazing kids books I’ve ever come across. Books that bring teaching directly to your kids through amazing stories and brilliant illustrations. So I want to thank the wonderful team at Sequoia Children’s Publishing for gifting my little guy this amazing book, in exchange for our honest review. To grab one of these activity books for your little learner click the link below!

Buy The Book

Hope you are all enjoying Columbus Day!


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