Buster And The Brain Bully

Buster And The Brain Bully

By Christina Pellegrino

Illustrated by Teresa Alberini

Picture Book

38 Pages

Ages 0-99

Mascot Books


My name is Buster, and I’ve got a Brain Bully. It affects my mood, and I don’t understand it fully― like during a storm, when I get so very scared, or―during a test―when I feel unprepared. Read along with me as I discover how to cope,by helping others realize that there is hope. We all have bad days, but together we face our fears.

Brain Bullies, be gone! You’re not welcome here.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As someone who has suffered with a “brain bully – depression” I thought this book was phenomenal. Feelings can be so hard for kids to communicate, and even worse when they don’t understand why they are feeling what they are feeling. Mental health is such an important topic to talk about as a family. Buster’s story is a great way to start that conversation. Buster shows us that we are all different and handle situations as such. Wonderful book with absolutely stunning illustrations.

About The Author

Buster is a ten-year-old golden retriever and one half of a therapy-dog team with his owner, Christina. This book was inspired by their work in the hospital, school, and library settings. Buster and Christina are passionate about making a difference in the world of mental health, and they are strong believers in the power of the human-animal connection. The duo works with Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, as well as Reading Education Assistance Dogs® (R.E.A.D.®).

Huge thanks to Foreword Publicity and Christina for my gifted copy of this phenomenal book. To get your hands on a copy click the link below!

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Have a wonderful day my friends!

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