How Are You Today, David Jr.?

How Are You Today, David Jr.?

By Lissarette Nisnevich

Personalized Picture Book

24 pages

Ages 3-10

LionStory Books

Hardcover – Paperback

Help your child learn to identify emotions. This book was created in collaboration with a child psychologist to help your child learn to identify emotions and know what to do with them! Raising emotionally intelligent children is one of the best things you can do as a parent. Your guidance could be of great help when managing what your children feel and channeling it in a good way.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I absolutely love these books from LionStory! This one helps your child learn the different emotions that they may be feeling and what types of instances could cause them. Not only do the help you create an Avatar of your child, but you can add an actual photo to the back page along with a note to them. There’s just something special about seeing your child’s name printed on a cover of a book along with an avatar that resembles them. My son (3yrs old) gets so excited when he sees his name, it’s such a joy to watch his little face light up! All of the choices of books that they have will make it hard to choose just one!

About The Author

Photo Credit:

Lissarette Nisnevich is an early childhood professional who focuses on parental coaching along with child development and research and has helped develop this book’s content. She’s currently pursuing a Ph.D. in developmental psychology and owns a daycare and preschool in East Harlem, New York.

You may reach her and learn more about her work by visiting:

Our Own “Once Upon a Time”

LionStory Books created to nurture a love of reading.

Nothing is more powerful than watching a dream come true. LionStory began as a way to enrich storytime and invite kids into a world of discovery and fun — one they relate to directly.

LionStory launched in Barcelona at the end of 2019, and today unites an international team of talented people devoted to creative products and inspiring content. Our first three books go on sale this year!

What could be better than sharing a fascinating story with your child — complete with a hero who looks just like them? As you choose a story template tailored to the interests of your child, you open the door for a unique opportunity to bond and encourage their love of reading. There’s no better time to broaden their imagination away from a screen!

We fill our children’s content with an emphasis on kindness and a belief in their own possibilities. Stories provide a unique way to communicate knowledge and values through the words and actions of its characters.

When you create an avatar of a child, you become a co-author of the book, and involve yourself in the adventure. This kind of personalized book will stand as a special addition to their bookshelf, a favorite childhood treasure, and a family memory they’ll recall for many years.

Now THAT’S our definition of “Happily Ever After!”


I want to give huge thanks to LionStory for gifting my little boy with this amazing book in exchange for our honest review. To get your child their own personalized book just click the link below! Use BOOKWORM30 to get 30% off your order!

Buy The Book

You can also find a TON of free printables for your kids right on their website, to check them out click on the link!

Free Printables

Thank you so much for joining me today, have a wonderful day!


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