What Makes Me Happy

What Makes Me Happy

By Toni Armier Illustrated by Chester Bentley

Board Book

26 Pages

Ages 3-5 ‎

Little Genius Books

Board Book

An inspiring board book about what makes us truly happy.

Follow along as woodland creatures take turns answering the question, “What makes me happy?”, while providing a gentle message for people of all ages that lasting happiness depends a lot more on who you are and what you believe in than what you have. From sharing (squirrels sharing an acorn) and exercising (a rabbit leaping over a log) to trying new things (an owl learning to fly) and enjoying our differences (a mouse and bear play hide-and-seek), happiness is always within our grasp. And this lovingly illustrated book for young children introduces the basic concepts of true happiness simply, poetically, and with care. It’s a book children and their families will treasure.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book is just delightful. Showcasing all the little things in life that make us happy. It’s usually the smaller things in life that make us the happiest without even knowing it. If we take the time to be thankful for these each day life would honestly be more fulfilling. This book had me taking a deeper look into my life and realizing all the amazing things that happen to me each day that I’m utterly grateful for. From just waking up each morning to having toilet paper in the bathroom when you need it the most! Beautiful board book with super durable pages and gorgeous illustrations.

About The Author

Toni Armier is a full-time freelance writer who loves to tell fun stories using rhyme. The author of several books for young children, including Mommy Loves Me 1, 2, 3; It’s Bath Time!; and Hello, Hometown Heroes, Toni is happiest when spending time with family and her dog, Rooster, who thinks he’s a movie star.

Huge thanks to Little Genius Books for gifting my family with a copy of this book in exchange for our honest review. Click the link below to get your copy!

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Have a wonderful day my friends!


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