My Favorite Color Is Blue

My Favorite Color Is Blue – The Bluest Activity Book EVER!

By Odd Dot

Illustrated by Mei Stoyva

40 Pages

Ages 6-10

Odd Dot / Macmillan


It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that the best of all colors is blue. That’s right, blue is the most beautiful and delightful. Everyone agrees. And so we made this activity book, celebrating the greatest color of all.

Packed with fun activities like mazes, one-color coloring, spot-the-difference, creative writing prompts, drawing lessons, search & finds, paper toy crafts, and more! With bonus stickers included, celebrate your favorite color like you’ve never done before.

And unlike other books, this one was specially made with EVEN MORE blue inks to create more variations of the color than you’ve ever seen in print!

Oh, and we also created seven other activity books celebrating those other―clearly subpar―colors that people seem to also like for some silly reason: RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, PINK, PURPLE, and BLACK. The My Favorite Color Activity Book series has a color for everyone!

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Fun for the entire family! Get one book or collect them all! These books are jam packed with fun activities all surrounding their color. There’s no better way to explore your favorite color. What’s the difference, I spy, recipes, origami and so much more! Hours upon hours of fun. Take it with you in the car to keep the kids occupied or make it a family game at home. I know I’ll be collecting the other colors as well!

Behind The Magic

Odd Dot is an imprint of Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group dedicated to creating joyful books for curious minds. Our mission is to develop interactive and substantive gift books that explore categories and formats never seen before. We are a proudly odd mix of makers, creators, and engineers, guided by the priorities of innovation, education, and play.


Mei Stoyva is a designer and illustrator from Norway, currently based in the UK. She loves drawing all things cute and colourful, and aims to make art that brings a smile to people’s faces. Her hobbies include writing music and making bad, bilingual puns. She hopes to one day get good at video games.

Huge thanks to Odd Dot for gifting my family with this amazingly Blue book! To get your hands on a copy just click the link below!

Buy The Book

Now if you are looking for Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Black, Pink or Purple just click on the link below!

Other Colors

Thank you for dropping by, have a wonderful day!

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