Burst Monthly Book Subscription For Kids

Burst launched it’s Kickstarter on the 16th and are already way past their goal!! Congrats! 🥳

Burst subscription is a monthly two book package that’s delivered right to your door at a very affordable price.

My son gets so excited that he gets his very own parcel just for him – makes him feel special because mommy gets book boxes too! There’s something to be said when you see your child’s eyes light up when they see “their” package at the door!

Pictured below are two examples of books you would receive in a month.

The Fairies

Illustrated by Ekaterina Sorvacheva

This book is about falling asleep. To some children this can be an anxious experience, when they don’t know what is on the other side. Children appreciate when sleep becomes a known and comfortable experience.

Ekaterina Sorvacheva is a Fine Artist living in Russia who has created commercial and book illustrations for over 10 years. She has illustrated 6 books and has drawn thousands of illustrations for many different kinds of books. She also does interior wall painting and makes hand-painted clothing. The Fairies has one of the more unique illustration processes featuring traditional artistic styles. The illustrations were drawn traditionally using watercolors and crayons. Each illustration was also put into Photoshop to finalize any details.

The Little Child

Illustrated by Nataliia Matiushko

This poem reminds children that parents are precious and special in their lives, and to be thankful. The little child learns that although he is little, he can still offer his help in the best ways that he can and be grateful to have someone like his mother in his life.

Nataliia Matiushko is an illustrator living in the Ukraine. Nataliia was educated in both traditional and digital art and has worked as an art teacher with young children for 3 years. Her work focuses mostly on graphic illustrations using the application ProCreate, but she also uses oil paints, watercolors and pencils. All sketches and ideas were first embodied on paper then modified and painted using the application ProCreate. The sketches shown are variations of the same spread.

Get your kids excited about reading!! There’s no better way than a subscription where they are anticipating their next books each month. All of the books at Burst are fun to read and the little ones will love them.

Burst launched it’s Kickstarter on the 16th of this month and have already more than doubled their goal. With 15 days left on the campaign you still have time to pledge and lock in some amazing rewards!

To learn more about Burst Monthly Subscriptions you can check out my previous post HERE!

This is definitely a project worth investing in! Promoting childhood literacy in your home and throughout the world. I’m honored to be partnering with Burst to share some of their amazing books with you. To learn more or to just get in on the action & rewards just click there link below!

Burst Kickstarter

Huge thanks to everyone who stopped by today, I appreciate your continued support. Stay tuned for some exciting news from Burst & myself coming very soon! (Hint: You’re not going to want to miss it!!) Have a wonderful day!

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