Rory And Friends

Rory And Friends

By Juliette & Kayleigh Bond

Illustrated by Martynas Marchiusm

Picture Book

32 Pages

Ages 0-99

Bear With Us Productions


The Adventures of Rory & Friends is the first book in the series.

Rory the Raccoon is the main character in the book who has a facial birthmark that makes him a little different from many other Raccoons you may of seen!!!

Dive into our beautifully illustrated 32 paged picture book and immerse yourself in the world of Rory and his friends Heidi Hedgehog, Brody Badger, Will Woodpecker and Molly Mole.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book is so cute! Rory Raccoon is playing a game with Brody Badger when they hear a noise. Out of the bushes comes a little duck. The little duck, Dylan, thinks Rory is his mom because he has a patch of red on his face. Rory explains that the red patch is his birthmark. Dylan has lost his glasses. Rory & Brody set off on an adventure to find his glasses and along the way each of Rory’s friends lends a hand. I love the awareness this book brings to birthmarks. The friendship amongst Rory and everyone is really special. The illustrations are phenomenal! My son loved that he could hold the adorable Rory Raccoon as we read the book! Stuffies always bring a great connection between the child and the story!

The Team Behind The Magic

Hello, we are Jules and Kayleigh Bond, two self published Authors from South Devon in England.

We hope to bring excitement and adventure to children around the world.

Our daughter was born in 2018 with a hemangioma (Birthmark) on her face. We knew little about them but educated ourselves with the help of The Birthmark Support Group, various Facebook groups and other parents.

We noticed that children with birthmarks are under represented in Films, Book characters, TV etc so we thought we would change that…….

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A huge thank you to Juliette & Kayleigh for gifting me son their amazing book and his very own Rory! All opinions are my own. To get your hands on a copy just click on the link below and send them a direct message!

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To my readers, I appreciate you taking the time to stop by today. Have a wonderful day!

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