Right Now, I Am Kind

Right Now, I Am Kind

By Dr. Daniela Owen

Illustrated by Gülce Baycik

48 Pages

Ages 3-8

Picture Book

Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream

Hardcover – Paperback

Sometimes children just want to think about themselves, but we live in a world with lots of other people. It’s important to be aware of and kind to all of these other people. This book is a guide for children to help them understand why being aware is important, and what actions they can do to show kindness.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What a great book to live by! This book shows you how to be aware of others and to offer a hand or a kind word without being asked to. These are some of the morals that I want my son to grow up with. In today’s day and age I believe so many people worried about self more than others. But if you slow down and take the time to let people around you try to anticipate their needs. Open the door for someone, ask the neighbors if they need help taking groceries inside or mowing the lawn. Because honestly when you are kind of makes you feel good inside, and makes that person feel even better. Even a random smile can make someone’s day. Fantastic book that every child should read.

About The Author

Photo Credit: Author Website

Daniela Owen is a licensed psychologist and assistant director of the San Francisco Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy. Dr. Owen is also Assistant Professor in the Clinical Sciences Program at the University of California, Berkeley.

In addition, she is a steering committee member of the Northern California CBT Network and she organizes talks for the Bay Area Pediatric Study Group for pediatric-focused clinicians in various disciplines. Dr. Owen also serves as the mental health consultant to the SF Ballet School, as well as offering clinical consultation to colleagues locally in the Bay Area.

Dr. Owen received her Ph.D. in ClinicalPsychology from Stony Brook University.

Dr. Owen treats attention/concentration problems, oppositional behavior, social skills deficits, anxiety disorders (phobias, panic, social anxiety, obsessions and compulsions), mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder), adjustment to life transitions (including parent divorce), stress management, enuresis, and eating disorders in children and adolescents. She treats anxiety, mood disorders, attention and concentration problems, and social skills deficits in adults.

She also specializes in couples’ communication, satisfaction within relationships, and effective parenting strategies. Dr. Owen has served as a primary therapist in several clinical settings including The Long Island Jewish Zucker- Hillside Hospital, The Mount Sinai Hospital, Child and Family Psychological Services, The Psychological Center at Stony Brook University, and Kaiser Permanente in Walnut Creek.

In addition to clinical work and teaching,Dr. Owen has a strong research background and has published articles in peer-reviewed journals, and a chapter in The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Family Psychology. She attends national conferences on CBT annually and presents locally and nationally. Dr. Owen is committed to incorporating Evidence Based Treatments into her work, carefully tailoring therapy to each individual or family’s needs.

Connect With Dr. Owen

Huge thanks to the fantastic team at Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream for gifting me this book in exchange for my honest review. To get your hands on a copy just click on the link below!

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