It’s Okay To Smell Good

It’s Okay To Smell Good

By Jason Tharp

Picture Book

40 Pages

Ages 3-6

Imprint / Macmillan

Hardcover – Kindle

Jason Tharp’s It’s Okay to Smell Good, the follow-up to his hit picture book It’s Okay to Be a Unicorn, introduces the new, hilarious character: Panda Cat, who lives in a world where smelling bad is a good thing!

Panda Cat begins each day by brushing his teeth with garlic toothpaste, combing rotten eggs through his hair, and enjoying a breakfast of spoiled milk and a rotten apple. In Smellville, it’s cool to be stinky.

But when he tries to invent the stinkiest smell ever for the science fair, it backfires―because it smells good. And Panda Cat . . . likes it? How will he tell his friends? Or his hero, Albert Einstink―the scientist behind the theory of stinkativity?

It’s Okay to Smell Good tells kids young and old that you’re free to like what you like, no matter how it smells.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book is hilarious! It’s witty and will have the whole family cracking up. I love the message behind the book though – you are allowed to like whatever you like, even if others don’t agree. The puns throughout the book are genius and extremely imaginative. The illustrations are fantastic and extremely detailed. All children around the world will love all the “gross” stuff throughout this book! This is the second book of Jason’s that I’ve had the honor of sharing with you, and honestly I cannot wait to see what he comes up with next!

Meet Jason Tharp

Jason Tharp has dreamed of being an author and creating wacky worlds with fun characters since he was a kid. Now as a grown-up kid, Jason is driven to help others embrace the magic of their stories. Being an obsessive daydreamer and doodler has led him to create many licensed properties, write books, and design clothing and travel the country talking to kids and adults about embracing their “weirdness” and the power of the unicorn effect. Jason lives in Columbus, Ohio.

Jason’s work includes the Peachy & Keen and Super Monsta Friends series for Scholastic, National Geographic Kids’ Funny Fill-Ins, and the Hog Mollies for the nonprofit 2nd & 7 Foundation.

Connect With Jason


Huge thanks to the wonderful people at Macmillan Kids Books for gifting me this book in exchange for my honest review. To get yourself a copy just click on the link below!

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A special note for my readers – You guys rock, your continued support is amazing and I couldn’t be happier. I thank you for taking this journey with me! Have a great day!


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