WompleBox France

So I’m honored to be sharing another WompleBox – today we are going to France!

Each box comes with a book, two STEAM projects, fold out map/fact pamphlet, stickers and collectible keychain. These boxes are delivered right to your door every month. They are so much fun to work on with your child.

What’s In The Box

A Pigment Of Imagination

Bonjour! My trip to the famous Louvre museum started off great. I got to see an exhibit on one of my favorite types of art: comics! Then, my trip got even BETTER! Before I knew what was happening, I was thrown into an adventure with some very unlikely pals. From the galleries of the Louvre, to the banks of the river Seine, and all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower… welcome to Paris, France!

Pointillism Painting

This project comes with all you need to make your very own Eiffel Tower pointillism painting. It comes with paint, canvas, frame, Eiffel Tower cutout, sticky squares, craft paper and paint swabs. There is a fold out brochure that offers you cool facts about pointillism painting and directions to make your own.

French Comic Book

For this project you are going to make your very own comic book. Included in this kit is the comic booklet, markers and comic stencils. The brochure gives you ideas on what to draw on your comic book. There’s also instructions on how to make a mini comic from regular paper at home.

Informational Pamphlet / Map

The pamphlet is jam packed with information about France – culture, places, art & food. The recipe is for Strawberry Crepes – which are extremely popular in France. On the opposite side is a huge fold out map of Paris, equipped with a bunch of popular attractions.

The Collectibles / Womple

Each box comes with a collectible keychain, and France’s keychain is a pigeon wearing a beret. The sticker sheet is filled with foods that France is known for.

You will find Womple in each and every book and throughout every box! Womple is the pen-pal you travel with on all the expeditions through the world. You can purchase Womple separately to complete the experience for your child. He’s a 9″ awesome plushie!

About Womple Studios

Coddiwomple – To travel in a purposeful manner towards an unknown destination.

It’s probably a made up word (what word isn’t?), but it’s a great description of life! We started Womple Studios because we believe kids can learn an extraordinary amount about life, even though we never know where it may lead, through exposure to different places and cultures.

So that’s our mission: educate kids and spark a love of their world through storytelling and engaging, curiosity-inspiring activities.

We’re explorers at heart with a passion for teaching. We’re educators, artists, writers, and adventurers. We’ve also been very fortunate to visit some remarkable places where we’ve made friends, learned to respect and appreciate foreign customs, and been awe-struck by the variety that our world has to offer.

Now we inspire the next generation of kid-explorers, constantly striving to instill a love of adventure and learning into all of our products. And we couldn’t be more excited!

– Erin and Alejandro, co-founders of Womple Studios

As you can see, these boxes are packed with fun and educational activities for your child (and yourself) to enjoy! This box is something your kids will look forward to every month. I am always amazed at the new projects in each box – plus you get everything you need to complete each one. I personally love the keychains, they are adorable. I want to collect them all.

I want to thank the amazing people at Womple Studios for giving me and my family this fantastic opportunity to travel the world with them. The WompleBox can be purchased as a single box, subscription, gift and many more options. To get your hands on a box click on the link below!

Get WompleBox

Stay tuned for next months box – we are going to Australia! I can’t wait!! Have a wonderful day!


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