Wizzy-Woo And The Dragon Cats

Wizzy-Woo And The Dragon Cats

By Helga Hopkins

Illustrated by David Benham

Picture Book

38 Pages

Ages 4-10

Independently Published

Paperback – Kindle

Super-kitten Wizzy-Woo finds a magic ring which transports him and his friends to the land of the dragon cats.

There they meet Buzzy, a young dragon cat who desperately needs to learn how to breathe fire!Can the friends help Buzzy in his quest?

And can they help him find a special birthday present for the ancient dragon cat?

Our Thoughts

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Three of my favorite things wrapped together – Picture book, Cats & Dragons… Oh My!! This book is a beautifully written and illustrated. Wizzy-Woo and his friends travel to a different world where they meet a cat that looked very different from them. This cat, Buzzy, had scales instead of furr and wings, he was a dragon cat! They quickly become friends and help Buzzy learn to breathe fire and plan a birthday surprise. I really enjoyed reading this book to my son and he was just taken with the cute cats.

About The Author

Helga Hopkins, Author of the Wizzy-Woo and Captain Blownaparte children’s books.

Swiss author Helga Hopkins grew up in Switzerland. She is the oldest of four children, and as a child he loved creating exciting stories to entertain her siblings. Today, she lives in Southern England with her husband and ginger cat Wizzy-Woo.

The joyful adventures of Helga’s characters are all about fun and friendship, with particular emphasis on helping and caring for each other. She loves creating funny stories with happy endings, and this remains the central ethos towards her young readers. “All my characters are like friends to me’, says Helga, “and I send them on adventures that I would definitely enjoy myself!’

Helg’s much loved cat Wizzy-Woo is the inspiration for her original picture book series about a gang of furry friends and their incredible adventures. The stories started a few years ago when the little children in her large Swiss family begged her to tell them stories about Wizzy-Woo. This was the beginning of her popular children’s books, and nowadays, the real Wizzy-Woo helps to keep an eye on the proceedings by sleeping in the nice warm gap between Helga’s keyboard and her computer!

Huge thank you to Helga for gifting my family with a copy of this amazing book! To get a book for your household click on the book below!

Thank you to all my readers for your continued support! I hope that you are staying safe and healthy out there, have a wonderful day!


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