Love Lottery

Love Lottery

By Leigha Huggins, illustrated by Melanie Darling

Love Lottery is the perfect book for mothers who want their children to know how much they are loved and cherished.Let your precious child know the overwhelming happiness you are experiencing every day after winning the Love Lottery with a child of your dreams. A beautiful, heartfelt book that captures the deep emotion of love, well-wishes, resilience, and gratitude between mother and child that conveys these messages in the most comforting way possible. Written from a parent’s perspective with an artistic flow of words, illustrations, and fonts, this story displays the love you and your child will share time and time again.

Our Thoughts

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What a touching book! This book puts parenthood into words phenomenally! It shows the parents when they are first Blessed with their child, and continues as he grows up. I felt the emotion put into this book and it brought my memories forth of my son’s first days. It also has a matching plush which the parents give to their son in the book – you all know I’m a huge fan of book/plush sets. You can also get a mini book for the Panda! Totally adorable book through and through

Author Interview

Name: Leigha Huggins

From: Colorado


Love Lottery & Panda My Bear (companion book to Love Lottery). Stay tuned… more to come…

What do you love most about writing children’s picture books?:

I love that get to share a beautiful message with children every time the pages of Love Lottery are open. I hope to continue spread love, long after I’m gone.

Tell us about your new book in ten words or less:

Love, wishes, resilience, and gratitude – captured in a mother’s poem.

Find me at:


Huge thank you to Leigha for gifting us a wonderful little package with the book, panda and the other lovely little goodies. All opinions are my own – with some input from my little guy! To get your copy you can go to the website below or click on the book image to purchase from Amazon.

To all my readers – you guys rock! I appreciate your continued support and for you taking the time to join me everyday! I pray that February is being good to you! Have a wonderful week!

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