Montessori Furniture

I’ve teamed up with the Amazing Wood & Hearts to bring this gorgeous Montessori kids furniture set to you!!

This set includes the following:
– Triangle
– Balance Board
– Slide/Climber

Let me tell you more about the furniture itself. This specific one is the standard size which is suitable for ages 2-8 with a weight limit of 132lbs but has been tested for up to 220lbs. They also have a smaller size geared towards 8 months to 4 years. I’ve got the natural finish, but they do have different colors, their paints are water based and the varnish us environmentally friendly. These sets are made from birchwood which is extremely strong yet flexible. The triangle can be folded for more storage room when not in use. The balance board when turned with the arch towards the floor can be made into a teeter totter with a seat on either side. These seats also fold down for a completely smooth balancing board. The slide can be used as just that or a climber, depending on which side you have up. This set can be used indoors or outdoors. Assembly is very user friend with instructional videos.

I don’t know about you but I have an extremely active toddler. My son loved to climb on the couch, coffee table and jump off those whenever we weren’t looking. Since getting this Montessori furniture set he has found a new way to expend his energy and need for climbing. My son enjoys the slide the most and is slowly getting his confidence up to climb up the triangle. He also loves when we flip the balance board over so that he can put his pillows in it – he likes to rock while watching his favorite cartoons. This furniture helps with coordination as well.

Q & A With Wood & Hearts

When was the company started?


What is the production process?

Products are made by hand with minimal machine intervention. After forming the shape of the part, the sharp corners are smoothed for the safety of the child and a positive sensory experience, after which the part itself is ground and polished. Only water-based coatings are used for painting and varnishing. Before painting the product is also primed to ensure the stability and durability of the product.

Materials used?

We use birch wood and birch plywood from Carpathian’s and Belarus, and they are absolutely safe. As long as we use water-based paints and varnish, the furniture is low VOC, as no synthetical solvents are required, only water. Also, BPA/BPS is used in plastic, but there is no plastic in our items, only wood, plywood, and water-based paint and varnish. Paint and varnish have very low lead content (23 mg per kilo of the paint) and are Formaldehyde free.

Company Mission?

The mission is to make the world a better place by helping children grow up healthy and strong, because the future depends on them and their lives depend on us.

Where To Buy


Will hopefully be arriving at Walmart and Ebay soon!

Connect With Wood and Hearts

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I wanted to take a moment to thank the wonderful people at Wood and Hearts for gifting us this Montessori Furniture Set! We couldn’t be happier!

If you have been looking for something of this sort for your child, you should definitely check out Wood And Hearts! This is truly a quality piece of furniture that will last a lifetime. Thank you to all who stopped by today, if you haven’t already – go ahead and hit that follow button below and never miss a post again! I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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