Paw Elementary – Roxy’s Adventure To The School Dentist

Paw Elementary – Roxy’s Adventure To The School Dentist

By Katie Melko, Illustrated by Roksana Oslizlo

Roxy Bundle


  • 34 Pages
  • Ages 0-8
  • 12 Paws Publishing

Roxy Plushie

Encouragement Card


Other Goodies

Roxy is nervous about her first visit to the school dentist.

The perfect book to help children conquer their fear of going to the dentist, Paw Elementary follows Roxy and friends to the school dentist.

Roxy is a wonderful companion to help your child feel excited to learn about teeth. They’ll learn how important it is to talk about their fears and how it’s okay to lean on friends and family in scary moments.

Our Thoughts

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What an insightful book! Dentists can be scary to all of us at times. This book does an amazing job at teaching children about dentists and what they do. It explains the tools used and why there’s no need to be afraid. It shows how we can overcome our fears. We are also huge fans of books with matching plushies!! My son forms a deeper connection with the book when he has something tangible. You can find the book on Amazon but head over to the website to get the extras to complete the book experience!! We got the cutest little crayons (pictured below) with our bundle.

Katie’s Bio

Connecticut born and raised, Katie Melko has always been a creator. Despite a Masters in Dental Hygiene and working in the field for over 10 years, Katie’s passion is writing. Her love of public health and building community has inspired her to find ways to contribute to the world on a greater level.

​Between her husband and two fur-babies Noel and Mason, the family is a big contributor to Katie’s life. Melko has enjoyed working to educate children in and out of her office. Therefore, it is no surprise that Katie’s aforementioned passions and skills led her to write a series of children’s books addressing new life events and coping methods.

​Named in memory of her four-legged best friend, Roxy,”Roxy’s Adventure to the School Dentist” was the first wave of Melko’s children’s series “Paw Elementary”. Throughout the series, Melko speaks to new experiences for children from swimming lessons to dental visits, in hopes to offer comfort and experience!

After success with Paw Elementary, Melko has re-branded and dipped her toes into the pool of romance novel writing. Check out her latest publication “Bottle of Uncertainty” and find her at RomantiCon 2021.

My books also come in Spanish, French, and a dyslexic font; find them HERE.

Connect With Katie


We would like to thank Katie for sending us our Roxy Bundle in exchange for our honest review. You can get the bundle on Etsy or just the book on Amazon. Click on the corresponding site below!

I hope everyone is enjoying this new year so far. Can you believe it’s almost February already?? Time is flying – for us at least. I want to thank you all for stopping by today and offering your continued support by reading my posts. I hope you have a wonderful day!


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