It’s Okay To Feel

It’s Okay To Feel

By Zachary Gibson

Picture Book

52 Pages

Ages 4-9

Independently Published

Everyone feels. Everyone has feelings. Often we label feelings as good or bad. We try to hold onto some feelings. And get rid of others.It’s a common connection of the human experience that we all feel feelings. So much of life is determined by our relationship to the feelings we feel. In recognizing and labeling feelings we are able to bring awareness to them. With that awareness, we can all lead happier, healthier lives. It’s okay to feel.

Our Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I am really “feeling” this book (pun intended). It not only lets kids know that it’s ok to feel all types of feelings, but it describes each feeling. The descriptions of the feelings are spot on – and you know how hard it is to put feelings into words sometimes. The book is told in a rhyming flow. The illustrations are simple, yet speak volumes.

About The Author

Zachary Gibson is an artist and author. He currently lives in Los Angeles where he spends most of his time keeping his dog entertained and the rest of it creating art.

A simple thesis guides all that Zachary creates: Make work that helps humans better understand their own feelings and live healthier, happier, kinder lives because of it.

@zacharygibsonart on social media

Zachary donates all proceeds from this book to the Los Angeles Mission through the end of April, so by purchasing his book you not only get an amazing picture book for your kids, but are helping others in need. As a resident of LA, Zachary knows that the homeless situation continues to get worse and worse – especially now with COVID. More and more people are finding themselves in situations that they normally wouldn’t be in. You can find more about The Los Angeles Mission HERE.

Huge thank you to Zachary for gifting us this copy in exchange for our honest review. Click on the book below to get your copy & to help the homeless!

For everyone who stopped in today, thank you for your support! I hope you have a wonderful day!


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