Explore The World Of Chemistry

Explore The World Of Chemistry

By Christi Sperber

Explore the World of Chemistry: The Ultimate Alphabet Book for Nanoscale Scientists is the perfect way to jump-start your child’s interest in chemistry with engaging images and relatable concepts. Explore the World of Chemistry is a great resource for nanoscale scientists! Whether recognizing and learning their letters, expanding their vocabulary, or learning important chemistry concepts, this book has them covered. It caters to children of all ages (and adults too!) with the important science information, beautiful illustrations, and a format that appeals to different learning styles (reading out loud for audible learners and colorful illustrations for visual learners) – this book is sure to engage any reader.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Wow! I, myself, learned so much from this book. Each page has its designated letter of the alphabet with a chemistry term too match, with a quick description. My two year old, who is just learning his ABCs loved pointing to each letter as I read to him. There was plenty in this book that I didn’t know and what a fun way to learn it. Paired together with some of the most gorgeous illustrations I’ve come across, this book is sure to be a hit with your little chemist!!

About The Author

When Christi Sperber was pregnant with her first daughter, Emma, she wanted to add STEM books to Emma’s bookshelf. But the Mom who has a Master’s in Chemistry noticed that there weren’t many chemistry-related books available for babies and toddlers. The few that did exist, she noticed, weren’t factually correct. That’s when Sperber had an idea: launch her own publishing company – Nanoscale Scientists Publishing LLC – to introduce young kids to the wonderful world of science at an early age.


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Wanted to say thank you to the wonderful people at Foreword Publicity and Christi for gifting us a copy in exchange for our honest review! Get your copy by clicking on the book below!

Tomorrow is going to be the start to what we are hoping is a much better year! Happy New Years to all my readers, stay safe and enjoy!


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