Dr. Becky’s – Childhood Literacy Bundles

I am so excited to be partnering up with this next company!! Dr. Becky’s is a company that is passionate about promoting childhood literacy, and it shows.

Let me introduce you to the Book Bundle first. This is the Bear’s Applesauce Picnic Bundle (only available until the end of this month).

Here’s what’s included in Bear’s Applesauce Picnic Bundle:

  • Bear’s Applesauce Picnic Book
  • Fuzzy Brown Bear Plush
  • Blue Truck Box
  • Wooden Apple Crate (box)
  • 4 Apples (one is cuttable)
  • Wooden Knife
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Metal Cooking Pan
  • 4 Applesauce Cups
  • Washcloth
  • Large Bear Backpack

All the above is packaged neatly in the backpack with the book in the front pocket.

Bear’s Applesauce Picnic book by Rebecca Landa, Illustrated by Julia Elaine & Kylie Gritt-Waller. This is a 34 page picture book. Throughout the book there are reading prompts to be used with the included props. You are able to take your child on an imaginative journey through the story and mimic what bear does. Reinforcing what they hear in the story.

Our Thoughts

I’ve always been a huge fan of books with the matching plush – believing that when the child has something tangible they form a deeper connection with the book. This book bundle goes above and beyond to forge that connection. My son had so much fun playing along as I read. He’s only 2 years old so his Daddy helped him during the reading prompts. He caught on real quick and made applesauce for himself, Bear, Daddy and Mommy. Being only 2 years old, sometimes he tends to jump from one activity to the next – not so with this bundle. Long after the book was done he was still stirring his apples in the pot and dishing them out into the cups.

The backpack is a neoprene material and very sturdy. It has two outside pockets – one in front and one in the back. Inside the backpack there is also a mesh pocket. The book is a hardcover picture book, beautifully written and Illustrated. The bear (possibly my favorite pop), is fuzzy, large and oh so soft!! There’s a blue box with a truck drawn on the outside – Bear drives the truck in the story. There’s a natural wood box (or apple crate) – we actually flipped that over to use as a cutting board for the one apple. There are 4 Apples, one that is attached with velcro to cut in half and the other 3 are whole apples. A washcloth is included to wipe down the apples and to cleanup. There is a wooden knife to cut the apples. Your cook the apples in the metal cooking pan, which fits all 4 apples. There’s a wooden spoon to stir. Lastly there are 4 white applesauce cups to put your applesauce in and to share with friends.

About Dr. Becky’s

Dr. Becky’s Bundles making a difference in early learning.

A game-changing early literacy product has launched just in time for holiday gifting. Dr. Becky’s Bundles provide accessible early literacy books, toys, and guidance based on over 20 years of scientific research and professional experience for teachers and parents of children ages 1-5. The first bundle, “Bear’s Applesauce Picnic”, utilizes Becky’s original story and deep knowledge of early learning and development to create a complete and enriching experience. Becky embedded tips on every page to guide the user for a more enriching developmental experience.

The co-founders, Jane Kim, an elementary school teacher, and Rebecca Landa, PhD, a developmental scientist at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, have developed a fun and educational bundle that enhances brain development through social skills, play, and language in a convenient bundle for teachers and parents. Dr. Becky’s Bundles include an original storybook with embedded tips prompting gesture and imitation, language, and play and 15 story-related props to promote meaningful early literacy experiences at every storytime.

As you can see this bundle has it all!! However, this particular bundle is only available for a very limited time. After December, this one will no longer be available, so get your orders in now! You are not going to want to miss out on this one!!

Click on the website below to order yours before December 31st!!

Dr. Becky’s Website

I want to thank the wonderful people at Dr. Becky’s for giving us this opportunity to partner with them and for gifting my son a Bear’s Applesauce Picnic Bundle. All opinions are my own!

For everyone taking the time to read this today, thank you so much! I know this week everyone is extremely busy and I really appreciate your continued support! I pray you are all enjoying this wonderful holiday!


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