Best Calendars For 2021!

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift that keeps on giving??? These 2 calendars are beyond amazing!!

Mom’s Birthday Calendar

by Sandra Boynton

An undated perpetual calendar to record birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

Never forget another important occasion. Undated and reusable, Mom’s Birthday Calendar couldn’t be cuter, filled with Sandra Boynton’s energetic, full-color illustrations, including her goofy rhinos, cows, pigs, hippos, and other animal characters. But don’t be fooled: This calendar is as practical as it is perky. And its heavy stock and spiral binding ensure that it lasts, year after year.

Magical Activity Calendar – 2021

by Hello!Lucky

From the sister team behind the charming Hello!Lucky greeting cards, the Magical Activity Calendar returns after a strong debut season. Be inspired and entertained with month after month of whimsical art combined with interactive fun. The illustrations—starlit nights, magical closets, and piles of sweet treats—are printed in electrifying color. Throughout the hand-drawn grids are prompts, silly holidays, aspirations, and more. This is a calendar that will appeal just as much to tweens as it will to younger kids!

🔹Comes with 300 stickers designed to complete each month’s picture and a 12″ × 24″ foldout poster
🔹Printed in five colors (including neon orange!) on uncoated FSC-certified paper

If you are anything like me you have more than one calendar in your house! Mom’s Birthday Calendar is a Must Have!! I have a huge family and this makes not forgetting anyone’s birthday a breeze! The Magical Activity Calendar is fun for all ages! Hello!Lucky is just an all around phenomenal company.

Both Sandra Boynton & The Moyle Sisters (Hello!Lucky) are some of my favorite board book authors and illustrators. You cannot go wrong with anything created from them!

Huge thank you to Workman Publishing for sending us both these amazing calendars so that we could share them with you! There is still time to order and get them before Christmas. You can get both of these calendars by clicking on each of them below.

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One thought on “Best Calendars For 2021!

  1. These are loving and I just love Calendars myself. One is in my room but it old one need a new one and we still need one for downstairs for next year.


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