No Ordinary Horse

No Ordinary Horse

S.R. Tease, illustrated by Eva Rodriguez

What do you do when your dreams are bigger than everything and everyone around you? Do you just try to “fit in,” or do you become something greater? Join this special little horse on her journey to truth as she finds her authentic self and discovers that she is “No Ordinary Horse.”

We Give It….

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Another amazing book on being yourself and being happy with it!! All the regular horses picked on the horse with the bump on her head because she talked about what they thought was nonsense – flying horses, bah! One day she wakes up and her bump is a beautiful horn – she’s a unicorn!! She now understands why she didn’t fit in, because she was special. Each person is special in their own way and what makes us that way are our differences!! Great book, very whimsical and stunning illustrations!

The Author

S.R. Tease is the author and publisher of inspirational children’s books, “No Ordinary Horse,” and “I Am Who I Am.” As a teacher with her Master’s in Education, S.R. Tease has spent the last decade of her career educating and inspiring urban youth. Understanding the need for children to discover their own voices by creating a strong sense of self, she created her publishing company, Purple Squirrel World. It is the hope of S.R. Tease that her books encourage children to embrace their authentic selves in a culture where inauthenticity is so prevalent. Her Story Monster Approved title, “No Ordinary Horse,” helps children understand that there is no other person in this world they should try to be but themselves. The second title from S.R. Tease, “I Am Who I Am,” written specifically for Black and African American children, contains a powerful message to help them proclaim who they are in a climate of racial injustice.

S.R. Tease is an autism mom and wife who lives and works in her home in Dallas, Texas. She is always creating and when not writing she enjoys painting.

Connect With Author

Instagram – @purplesquirrelworld

Facebook – @purplesquirrelworld

Huge thank you to S.R. Tease for gifting us a copy in exchange for our honest opinion. Get your copy by clicking on the book below!

Hope you are all enjoying this glorious month! Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!


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