Magical Order Of Brave Knights

Magical Order Of Brave Knights

By Colleen Marchi, illustrated by Bert Farache

The Magical Order of Brave Knights was created with the intent to help develop strategies to conquer separation anxiety and nighttime fears and replace it with happiness and blissful sleep. Our Brave Knights offer your child friendship, devotion, love, and guardianship all through the night.

Kit includes 28-page The Magical Order of Brave Knights hardcover storybook, 15″ Sir William plushie, and the Magical Knights projecting light which projects eight encouraging images for children to shine into any dark corner that scares them.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

We all know that in our home we are huge fans of book/plush sets. This is soo much more! The little boy, Cooper, is so very afraid of the dark. He makes a wish that nothing scary can get him, that night the Magical Order of Brave Knights show up. Sir William promises to keep Cooper safe and even gives him his special flashlight (which projects cool Sir William photos on the wall). Cooper can finally sleep good every night with Sir William protecting him.




Full disclosure – This is the first book review I’ve done without reading the book to my son. I have kept this set hidden from him, because this will make an amazing Christmas present!!

Colleen Marchi

A dedicated mom of three boys with a master’s degree in psychology. She has been through it all! Years of sleep deprivation and exhaustion brought Colleen to her knees, but it was also the inspiration behind the writing of her first book in a series. However, it was her determination to help other moms and young children that led to the creation of Sir William the Brave Knight. A quick-witted classic Irish Las who can weave a tale where everything becomes a funny story to be retold with friends!

Bert Farache

With paint brushes in one hand and a digital pen in the other, Bert is riding the line between classical and digital art on a daily basis. Perfecting and expanding his skills he is always happy in his creative world.

Only the super powers of his wife and his kids can distract him.

Magical Order of Brave Knights also donates to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation – you can read more about the foundation HERE.

Huge thank you to Colleen for sending us this amazing set!! After you order, head over to the website below and email Colleen – she likes to do a follow up (at no additional charge) where she sends out a booklet and a birthday card to your little Prince or Princess!! You can also find a free printable Sir William coloring page there!

Magical Order of Brave Knights

Right now this amazing set is 50% off, from now through Cyber Monday!! Click on the book below!!

To all my readers I hope your Black Friday is a great one and you find many great deals!! Don’t pass this one up – at half off you could get one for each little Prince or Princess in your life!! Have a wonderful weekend my friends!!

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