The Be Books Board Book Collection

The Be Books

By Lauren Grabois Fischer, Illustrated by Devin Hunt

The Be Books teach children to BE…

Positive, Accepting, Kind, and Loving, Through Stories That Build Self-confidence and Create an Awareness of Being Their Best Self.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Be Who You Were Meant To Be” is a bilingual (English/ Spanish) children’s book that speaks of being proud of who you are. Be confident in who you are because everyone is special and everyone is unique. The world is a brighter place because you are in it.

”You Are A Superhero” empowers children to make a difference in this world. A real superhero is kind, respectful, compassionate and accepting. Did you know that YOU can be a REAL superhero?

“Every So Often A Zebra Has Spots” will make you laugh and will open your eyes to how wonderful it is to be different. We are each unique and beautiful in our own way. What a wonderful blessing it is to be “me.”

“Love Grows Love” is a perfect reminder that what we give, we get back in return. Our energy and actions affect others and can make a positive difference in our world. It is our opportunity and responsibility to grow more kindness, happiness, laughter, and love.

“The Light Within Me” will inspire your inner light to shine brightly. We each have a beautiful gift that we can share with the world. Use your powers and positivity to make this world a more illuminated and brilliant place.

Each of these books are so unique and special. Every book carries a life lesson that all children need to hear. I’ll dive into each book separately in the future, but wanted to introduce them in time for Christmas shopping!!

You can find them at the website below, or on HERE! Huge thank you to Lauren who gifted these amazing books to our home. Also if you go to the website make sure you check out the free coloring pages downloads, they are amazing.

The Be Books Website

This is the board book collection, however, the same books are also available in paperback.

About The Author

From a very young age, Lauren dreamed of becoming a children’s book author.

As soon as she was able to lift a pencil and a crayon, she began writing poetry, short stories and drawing illustrations to all of her work. Throughout her childhood, she continued to write, imagine and create. Lauren graduated with a degree in Elementary Education from Arizona State University. She taught for a total of nine wonderful years, six of them in Arizona and three in south Florida; where she currently resides. Her husband always encouraged Lauren to pursue her writing. Lauren’s two beautiful and sweet children made her realize that it was time to stay home. Being a mom is what Lauren always dreamed of. Reading books to her children and seeing their enthusiasm, encouraged Lauren to finally decide to share her masterpieces with the world.

Lauren believes in creating books for young children to empower them to love who they are, to be kind to everyone that they meet, to respect all living creatures, to feel like they can make a positive change in this world, and to be true to themselves always. As an elementary educator, she knows how important reading is and how an inspiring book can really make a huge difference. As a mom to two amazing kiddos, Lauren is always looking to create books that she would want her children to be reading. Every book that she writes has a positive message and an inspirational lesson to learn.

To all you wonderful people that are here with me today, I thank you! It’s almost time for Thanksgiving, are you excited? I know we are, actually already counting down the days until Christmas!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


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