AILA Update & Giveaway

Back in early November I introduced you to AILA – Animal Island Learning Adventure. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out you can do so HERE. Today I wanted to give you guys an update on how AILA has effected our family. Also there is a giveaway you are not going to want to miss, keep reading and you’ll find out how to enter.

The very beginning of November we introduced our son to AILA. As I mentioned previously, I’m not a huge fan of screentime, however, this is so much more than just screentime. Prior to getting AILA my son hadn’t started talking yet. Around the same time he also started speech therapy on Zoom. Speech therapy is pretty much trying to teach your toddler to sign. That has not been a hit with my son.

Start your toddler’s daily learning journey with a hands-free, worry-free, friendly companion that adapts to your child’s learning style while teaching a robust curriculum at home or in the classroom.

Within the month that we have had AILA, my son has learned most of his colors (yellow, green, blue, purple, black and pink) and can say them. There is no doubt in my mind that it is from watching the broadcast option on AILA. With Mr. Goose focusing on literacy and Mr. Pig creativity, my son has started talking. He can also say a couple numbers – just two and six as of now, but he’s off to a great start. I am beyond amazed at how far he has come. My son also loves doing anything artistic which we pair with what he happens to be learning on AILA for that day. For instance, if Mr. Goose is talking about the letter A, then we focus on coloring the letter A, or filling in an Apple with pom-poms.

Just to give you a little refresher, AILA Sit and Play is a comprehensive preschool learning system that can be done in your home in as little as 15 minutes a day! It is an electronic device, but not your average screen. There’s no swiping or even handling since AILA is free standing and can be placed at a distance from your child’s face. When you are doing each lesson, there is a definite beginning and ending – making it so much easier for your child to know they are done.


There are some amazing accessories that can be paired with AILA for the best overall experience in my opinion. I want to give you a quick overview of the accessories.

AILA Sit & Play Read Aloud Stories Book

  • 400+ page softcover book
  • Includes the 60 storybooks from AILA Sit & Play
  • Curated content for early learning
  • Encourages an early love of reading
  • Builds literacy & language skills
  • Promotes narrative appreciation
  • Reinforces Vocabulary
  • Improves attention span & patience

AILA Sit & Play 250 Words Book

  • 250 first words
  • 88 beautiful illustrated pages
  • Large-format book makes learning fun
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Letter tracing exercises teach stroke order
  • Hidden picture games
  • Activity pages for shapes, numbers, counting, and colors

AILA Hedgehog Plush

AILA Hedgehog Plush (8″) is soft, cuddly and a perfect companion for your little one. It’s made of high quality material and is surface washable. With Hedgehog Plush, your little one will be able to bring Animal Island into their home and everyday life.

Protective Cuddle Case for AILA Sit & Play™

A case designed to protect and perfectly fit your AILA Sit & Play. 100% silicone case that envelopes the front of the device.

Secure Soft Base for AILA Sit & Play™

With both feet out and looking cuter than ever, AILA stays seated in one place with the detachable suction base. Once attached to a surface, simply pull upwards on the tab to easily release the Secure Soft Base.

As you can see there are some really amazing accessories. Just so you can see the actual AILA with the Cuddle Case & Soft Base, check out the pictures below!

Everyone loves a sale, right? You are not going to want to miss this one. Right now you can get $50 off! That’s right, so hurry on over and get one for your favorite little person for Christmas. Click on the link below to get your hands on AILA today!!



The amazing people at DMAI have teamed up with me to GIVEAWAY one of their amazing AILA Sit & Play 250 Words Book (MSRP $19.99) to one lucky winner. All you have to do is head on over to my Instagram page and find the picture below – follow the directions on that post and you’ll be entered!! Giveaway will end on Nov. 30th at Midnight EST, winner will be announced the next day!! This Giveaway is for US residents only at this time. Giveaway is in no way endorsed by Instagram.

That’s going to wrap up today’s AILA update. I will be updating monthly for the next year, so stay tuned in case you are still on the fence about whether or not AILA Sit and Play is for you. To everyone who stopped in today, thank you!! To keep seeing my posts click on that follow button below and be notified by email when I post something new, this way you’ll never miss out again. Have a wonderful day!


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