Inklings Baby

By Aimee Danchise & Alexis Mason

Inklings are bright, colorful and unique plush toys and books that spark a child’s imagination. Gus, Ollie & Wobby are genderless, and the children who imagine them are diverse. Always remember, as long as you have your imagination, you’re never really alone.

Gus The Toothy Tusked Rus

Gus was imagined by best friend Sofia! Gus is gentle and kind and loves being outside. Learn more about where Sofia’s imagination takes them in their very own infant novel.

Ollie The Oddball Oddbird

Ollie was imagined by best friend Evie! Ollie is kind and compassionate and loves playing pretend. Learn more about where Evie’s imagination takes them in their very own infant novel.

Wobby The Wild Eared Wala

Wobby was imagined by best friend Billy! Wobby sweet and generous and loves music and art. Learn more about where Billy’s imagination takes them in their very own infant novel.

Our Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

These board book & plush sets are absolutely the cutest little duos ever! Trust me when I say, go ahead and get all 3, because picking just one will be impossible. I don’t know about you, but my son seems to get more attached to a book when he has a tangible character from that book to buddy up with. Another thing I love about these books are how the characters come alive in each book – totally unique stories! In the back of each book, starting with Gus The Toothy Tusked Rus they show you what character is coming next!

From The Creators

We’re Aimee & Alexis and we’re the creators of Inklings. A little about us, we’ve been best friends for over 20 years. We each bring something unique to the table and that, coupled with our friendship is what makes our creative partnership work.

Inklings come from the idea that a tiny spark in a child’s imagination can create something wonderful and unique. The stories that accompany each Inkling show how that single spark can create a caring imaginary best friend. Because children aren’t held back by what things are “supposed” to be, they are free to imagine and create without limitations and free to love without prejudice. Inklings are genderless and the children who imagine them are diverse. We believe in a world where creativity, kindness and acceptance are virtues that should be admired. We want to help bring that idea to a new generation. Our goal is to create many unique Inklings and write additional stories for each to teach those key values.

We at Inklings think that gender specific toys are old news and that’s why we designed Inklings with every child in mind.

We believe that when a baby’s imagination is sparked at a young age their creativity will have no limits. We design Inklings to be bright, colorful and unique for just that reason.

Huge thank you to Aimee & Alexis for gifting my son a set of these amazingly adorable book/plush sets. These would make amazing Christmas gifts. You can purchase them separately (books, plushes, sets, etc.) on their website below, or you can purchase the book plush set at Target!

To everyone that stopped in today, thank you! I’ve got some more amazing books coming up real soon so stay tuned. If you haven’t already hit that follow button below go ahead and do it now – that way you won’t miss out on my upcoming posts or giveaways! Have a wonderful day!

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