Ethan’s Big Business Plan

Ethan’s Big Business Plan

By Yu-Ting Hung & Ethan Hsu

Ethan wanted to buy a new toy. When his mom said “No!” he decided to start his own business to make money…

This is the perfect book to inspire your future entrepreneurs and teach them how to start a business step by step. Your little ones will learn how to:

– Create a product or service (not just lemonade stand…)
– Develop a brand
– Build marketing strategies
– Interact with and sell products to strangers
– Manage their money

Your children can apply these concepts and skills into their first business easily. Lessons learned and confidence built during the process will benefit them throughout their lives.

Plant a seed of entrepreneurship in your children’s mind with this book!

Our Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This picture book is based on the authors soon, Ethan. Yu-Ting hosted a children’s business fair in 2018 where young children ages 5-8 sell the products they make. Her son Ethan sold his handmade bubble magnets and learned a lot from the experience. This led them to write the book together. The book tells their story and shows how they made it succeed. There’s an amazing couple places in the back where your child can write down their own business plan. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and when my son is older I can teach him the value of his own money, and how to form his own business plan. Today is Entrepreneurs’ Day, so what better book than this to celebrate!

Mother & Son Duo

Yu-Ting and her husband came from Taiwan to the United States in 2011 for their graduate education. Recently she is a stay-at-home-mom and a part-time medical writer as well. They live in Connecticut with their two kids, Ethan and Zoey, who are the main characters of this book. In 2018, Yu-Ting host a Children’s Business Fair in town. Children participating in the event created a product or service, developed a brand, build marketing strategies, and interacted with customers at this one-day marketplace. Ethan, who was five years old at that time, started a small business selling his hand-made magnets and learned a lot from this experience. Then they decided to write and illustrate a book to inspire more children to start their own business. Yu-Ting believes that each child can be a future entrepreneur and should have this experience in his or her childhood. Lessons learned and confidence built during the process will benefit them throughout their lives.

Huge thank you to Yu-Ting for gifting us this book in exchange for our honest review. Click on the book below to get your copy!

Thanks to everyone who stopped in today! Have a wonderful Entrepreneurs’ Day!


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