Begin Again Toys

We all know I’m a huge fan of hands on learning. I think puzzles are essential in any toddlers activities arsenal.

I’ve teamed up with a phenomenal company, and want to introduce you to their puzzles, and just in time for Christmas!!

At Begin Again Toys this is their philosophy:


A is for ARTIST – creative open-ended play. This is where imagination is born.

W is for Writer – role & social play that makes sense of the world they live in.

I is for Inventor – play designed to exercise for the mind.

S is for Sportster – play designed to exercise for the body.

H is for Hero – character based storytelling and verbal skill building.

Many parents focus solely on learning toys (Inventor), some focus on primarily on sports based play (Sportster). By selecting toys, games, and puzzles that focus on ALL 5 of these play personalities – a child will receive…


Pictured is:

  • Jumbo Animal Parade A-Z
  • Dog Family Color Puzzle – Bilingual
  • Number Snail Learning Puzzle
  • Color & Eggs Bilingual Puzzle
  • Balance Boat Shapes & Colors
  • Gear Stacker Toddler Toy

This is just a small sample of the fantastic puzzles, toys & games they have. All of their products are made of wood. Stay tuned, I will be showcasing each puzzle by itself in the near future!

Going Green

Rubberwood is a very versatile plant. Sustainably grown on plantations throughout southeast Asia and Brazil, the Hevea Brasiliensis is a fast growing hardwood and a reliable renewable resource for its milksap and its wood.

Our wooden toys, puzzles, and games use this hardwood.

All of Begin Agains products are sourced from plants, instead of using oil based plastics. They use water based stains for the finish, which are eco-friendly and let the natural wood show through.

Click on the link below to get some of these great puzzles. Use discount code “greattoys15” to get 15% off your order!!

To all my readers, if you haven’t clicked on that follow button below go ahead and do it now! I hope you all have a wonderful day and stay tuned, I’ll be doing each puzzle separately and featuring the cutest little 2 year old boy I know!

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