The Bedtime Bunny

The Bedtime Bunny

By Christy Kaupinen & Gayle McDowell

The Bedtime Bunny motivates young kids to go to bed – and stay there – using the power of magic (and occasional rewards!). In this engaging and fun story, children learn why all the magic creatures need them to stay in their beds, even the unicorns and baby dragons. After reading the book, children leave the included carrot outside their front door, with their names and bedtimes on the back. A magic Bedtime Bunny will come hopping while they are asleep, and might leave little surprises for them to find in the mornings (but only if the kids are in their beds!).

We Give It…

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This has to be one of my favorite bedtime stories, ever!! The story of the bedtime bunny is written in rhymes that flow beautifully over each page. I’m a huge advocate for positive reinforcement, and that’s exactly what you are teaching with this book. If your child is sleeping when the bunny arrives, sometimes that bunny will leave little surprises. Whether they is a little note, or a toy it reinforces that they want to make sure they are sleeping when bunny comes! In the story the bunny has to follow the smell of a magic carrot that the child leaves out – without this the bunny can’t get into the house. In the back of the book, thus magic carrot is supplied. Christy’s 8 year old daughter helps hand make each and every carrot cake scented magic carrot. On the back of the carrot your child writes his/her name and their bedtime! The pictures don’t do the carrot justice, honestly, it’s gorgeous!! Now, you can buy the book by itself (carrot included), but I personally suggest you get the whole package! The whole package contains:

  • The Bedtime Bunny Hardcover Book – comes with carrot cake scented magical carrot
  • The Bedtime Bunny Plush – softest bunny ever, with hand sewn cape!
  • The Bedtime Bunny coloring book
  • Bedtime Bunny stickers

Also after you get the book, you can go online and request your personalized certificate. This adorable certificate has your family name, child’s bedtime and his/her special Bunny’s name!

The People Behind The Magic

Christy Kaupinen and Gayle McDowell are sisters and co-creators of The Bedtime Bunny. Christy lives outside Philadelphia with her husband, three kids (Katherine, Luke, and Sienna), and yellow lab. The Bedtime Bunny is the mostly-true story of how the very first Bedtime Bunny began visiting Christy’s children, helping them to stay in bed at night. This is her first book. Gayle lives in Palo Alto, CA and is a mom to two little night owls. She is the author of several technical books in the computer science industry, and this is her first children’s book.

Huge Thank You to the amazing creators of The Bedtime Bunny for gifting my son the complete set in exchange for our honest review. To get yours click on the link below!

For my readers, thank you for stopping in. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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