Dreamscape Series

Origami Orchestra & Baked In

By Ammie Elliot & Illutrated by Travis McCoy

Let your imagination unfold as an orchestra of origami debuts its soulful tune just for you. In this 286-word story, readers are introduced to a whimsical land where the art of origami is anything but stiff. The magic continues even after the story ends with a few did-you-know fun facts and step-by-step instructions on how to craft an origami water lily.

Can you imagine a dream sweeter than one filled with treats and magic? Have you ever danced with gingerbread? Baked In welcomes readers to slide into a bountiful dreamscape filled with wonder, dancing gingerbread, an infinite selection of confections! Dreamers, young and old, will love being tossed into a mix of pop-art style illustration and lyrical storytelling that takes them on a delicious journey.

Origami Orchestra and Baked In are part of a new book series titled The Dreamscape Series. The collection is a celebration of inclusiveness. No matter our gender, race, or cultural differences, everyone dreams. This book, and the others in the series (coming soon), incorporate new words and information in order to strengthen vocabulary, language, and reading skills, while exploring a playful dreamscape (the environment of the dream). Each dreamscape is built around rhyming stanzas that capture the fluid nature of dreaming, increase word retention, and will continually engage the reader long after the final line.

The Dreamscape Series is designed to withstand the test of time, hold the interest of readers of all ages (but targeted age is 0-8), and invoke a deluge of curiosity about new wonders, things, and ideas. Open up and allow the worlds of our dreams to come alive.

We Give Them Both….

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Both of these books are amazing!! Whimsical and witty rhymes teamed abstract illustrations make the perfect pair. Enter into dreamland with each book! Whether a music lover, or a baked sweets connoisseur – you will be delighted! I’m a personal fan of anything origami and sweets so… These books were no brainers for our home. I’m excited to see what the next book in the series, “Unicorn Horn Mountain” (pictured below), which releases February of next year.

The Dynamic Duo

Ammie Elliot

Ammie Elliott is a fresh voice in the world of children’s literature who fell in love with the art of storytelling when she was five. As a child, she spent many of her summers frolicking with sheep atop Welsh mountains and touring through the country’s castles imagining the wondrous stories that unfolded once upon a time within their stony walls.

Elliott has literally spent her life working toward achieving her dream of being an author. In 5th grade she wrote her first children’s book, and in 7th grade she wrote her first novel, but Elliott didn’t stop there. She went on to write the school play for her 8th grade graduation and wrote numerous short stories and poems throughout high school.

Elliott went on to receive her B.A. in English from Ohio University then set off to England for her M.A. in Contemporary Literature and Film from Hull University. During her time in England, she launched a creative writing magazine for the university and started a free after-school program that taught poetry and creative writing to local kids. After graduation, Elliott returned to Ohio and worked as a substitute teacher, technical writer, editor, and content manager. Some of her favorite and more recent projects center around empowerment and diversity within business and culture. However, her original dream of writing picture books was reignited by the birth of her daughter. Inspired by her daughter’s slumber, Elliott began to envision a boundless dreamscape where diversity and inclusivity is celebrated: The Dreamscape Series.

Travis McCoy

Travis McCoy was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Ever since he was young, he dreamed of becoming a talented painter of this generation. To fulfill that ambition, Travis began teaching himself the many facets of illustration and painting by studying the arts of Michelangelo, Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher, and Van Gogh. In community college he picked up graphic design as a major and pursued the craft in an effort to enhance his artwork. McCoy later refocused his energy on being an entrepreneur in his field. Throughout the years, McCoy curated his own galleries, brought artists of various backgrounds, and started a clothing line. In 2017, he was featured in The Columbus Book Project coffee-table books as a featured artist and was invited to participate in the promotional release video. There he met Ammie Elliott, who was elated by a never-released poem McCoy had written and performed for the directors. Soon after he was invited to participate in a group art exhibition and auction, hosted by Columbus’s “Wild Goose Creative” art foundation. After the showcase, Elliott asked McCoy to meet to discuss illustrations for her children’s book series. From there, the two partnered to bring the series to fruition, hoping to inspire children to dream big. In 2019, the first book of The Dreamscape Series, Origami Orchestra, was published.

Huge thanks to Ammie for gifting our home with a copy of both books! I hope to cover “Unicorn Horn Mountain” in the future! To get your hands on a copy of one or both of these amazing books just click on the title below!

To my readers: You guys Rock!! Knowing that you guys are on the other end reading my posts makes my day! If you would like to be notified when I post click on that follow button down in the corner! Have an amazing day!


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