Tooth Fairy Tommy

Tooth Fairy Tommy

by Stefanie Hilarczyk, illustrated by Taylor Coon

Tommy is a new tooth fairy, trying to find his place among the other fairies. He’s not very good at his job. It’s not until he meets a special little boy named Jimmy that he understands what it truly means to be a tooth fairy. Through his new friend Jimmy; Tommy learns what empathy means and being kind to others is truly about. Learn all about Tooth Tommy and his silly ways through Adventures of Tooth Fairy Tommy!

We Give It…

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What an adorable book!  This book is all about realizing it’s ok to be different, and having empathy.  Tommy the tooth fairy isn’t built like the other fairies, his feet are too big and his wings are small.  Tommy is given a special assignment to go get a little boys first lost tooth.  When he gets there he sees that the little boy is in a wheelchair – he feels empathy for the little boy.  He writes him a special note and they soon become “friends” – writing back and forth every time the little boy loses another tooth.  Tommy realizes it’s ok to be different!  With so many standards or what people consider normal – too many children feel inadequate and books like this help then realize that those differences make us unique and special.  Super cute illustrations by Taylor bring the book to life!

Meet The Author

Stefanie Hilarczyk is a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature. She is a special needs advocate, writer and speaker. She can be found at the beach near her home and finding cool things to do with her family near the shore. She resides in New Jersey with her two children and awesome husband for 16 years. She would like to dedicate this book to her amazing children! And, a special thank you to Taylor whom she only met this year and agreed to give her talents for the artwork of this book!

Huge thank you to Stefanie for gifting us a copy of this book in exchange for our honest review.  To get yours click on the book below!

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