All I Want For My Birthday

All I Want For My Birthday

By Katie Collins Illustrated by Miruna Cracium

A young boy wants to get something nice for his mother’s birthday. He asks her what she wants each day and she responds with some crazy ideas. But the boy believes he can give her everything and does his best to accomplish the task. In the end the mother receives the best present ever.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

First off, I have to show my utmost respect for Katie never giving up. Earlier this year she and her dad sent me the original book – later finding out that the original illustrator had stolen pictures from the internet and claimed they were the originals. They had to pull the book off of Amazon and find a new illustrator. Instead of giving up on her dream, Ten year old Katie patiently waited for the new book – and the book is amazing. I cannot believe someone so young is so very talented. The story is very charming, and one that everyone can relate to. The illustrations are also done to perfection by Miruna Cracium.

About Katie

Katie Collins is 11-years-old. She LOVES books and stories. For years her father would come in the evening and let them listen to audio books or he would tell them stories. She and her sister loved these evenings especially when he would make up stories for them.

In school she is supposed to read at least 30 minutes a day and white down how long she read on a calendar. Once Katie’s teacher called to see if the numbers on the calendar were real or made up. Katie had racked up over 5,000 minutes reading for the month. Katie and her sister are often caught with a flashlight or something else that allows them to read well into the evening.

Right now Katie’s favorite book series is the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She read almost the entire series in under 45 days.

Katie has always been a talented girl. She loved to cut and tape paper together to create 3D toys. She creates homes, masks, board games and, once she created a 3D Elephant using a cardboard box and paper. She and her siblings also love building things with legos and building all kinds of buildings and creations in Minecraft.

Katie also enjoys drawing. We signed her up for an online drawing class and she has made great progress. She really likes drawing Dragons.

Katie has a love and knack for programming. At school, she had heard about Scratch ( and asked if I would create her an account. She has created several small games, most of them related to Warrior Cats! And continues to enjoy making games. She hopes that one day she can write, make movies and computer games.

Katie has always liked reading and writing stories. She has started several stories, some of them quite complex. “All I Want for my Birthday” was the result of her father attempting to come up with story ideas for his books. She liked the title and asked if she could write the story. The published book is almost unchanged from what she wrote in 5 minutes.

She is working on several other stories and is trying to spend, at least, 10 minutes every day working on them. I don’t see her stopping any time soon. She enjoys the process and hopes to be able to share her stories with the world.

Huge thank you to Katie and her dad Mike for gifting us this book in exchange for our honest review. To get your hands on a copy simply click on that book below!

To everyone who stopped in today, Happy November!! It’s crazy it’s almost the end of yet another year… Stay safe, see you soon!

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