Bookcase Club Subscription Boxes

I need to share a great find with you guys today. There are many book subscription boxes out there, it’s hard to pick. I’m here to do the hard work for you. I’ve ordered a few different children’s book subscriptions and ended up very disappointed, especially for the amount of money spent per box.

Bookcase Club is the only subscription box of books I will ever buy my son. They have many different boxes to choose from. They have kids boxes – an ages, neutral, boy or girl. They have adult boxes with different genres. Each box only costs $9.99. That’s $10/month plus only $5 for shipping! You can purchase month to month, 3 months, 6 months or a year. A year of monthly boxes is only $100! That’s less than $10/month.

For my son, we chose the 2-4 year old boy box. When it arrived I was floored, there was 4 books inside. After the first box you get 3 books in each. You absolutely cannot beat this price. (Actually you can -discount code provided at the end of post.) He got the following books:

Words by Christoph Nieman
Hiccup! By Jaclin Azoulay
Star Wars Look & Find
StickyFacts Animals – this one comes in the introductory boxes

All equally amazing! Had I purchased these titles without this box the total comes to over $45. They come in a colorful box and wrapped in adorable tissue paper. Your child feels super special opening their own box each month.

Each adult box comes with 2 books from a genre of your choice. Kids boxes each come with 3 books.

Ten bucks a month sounds great, right? Well if you go ahead and use my referral code you’ll get 20% off your complete order! If you order a year subscription you can get it for just $80 + shipping! You can’t get better than that!! My referral code is REFER02DC20 – just click on the Link below, and put the referral code in during checkout!!

Huge thank you to the amazing people at who sent us this sampler box to try! After experiencing the quality of the books chosen, the way they are wrapped in tissue paper and overall customer service – these will be my new go-to Christmas presents. Just think, a Christmas present your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, significant other or just yourself get to open every month for a whole year! Go ahead and order yours today!


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