Backpacks and Baguettes

Backpacks and Baguettes

By Sam & Angus Morrison – Illustrated by Marco Primo

You’re only a child once. Capturing the world through young eyes is difficult. Backpacks and Baguettes attempts to better understand what children think, see, feel, and smell when they are traveling. Everything is new, and everyone is a possible friend.

Your guide is Sam, a half-American/half British boy who so far in his young life has been lucky to grow up in Paris and Washington, D.C.. Sam loves soccer and food and is curious about how people in other countries lead their lives. He thinks graffiti and street art are better than postcards to truly understand a place. He’s even included some authentic global graffiti in the book for you to color. He’s also left space on the back of each image for you to draw your own graffiti or take notes.

Sam’s stories are about asking questions until you’re exhausted. They’re about not caring what people think. They re about smiling and laughing until it hurts and playing until you scrape your knees. They’re about letting your imagination run wild. They’re about realizing in one breath that children are different, but ultimately the same all around the world. They’re about being a kid once.

We Give It…

Rating: 5 out of 5.

First of all, I would love to congratulate Sam & Angus on this amazing book. This book is told from Sam’s point of view, Sam is 12 years old by the way. This book explores Sam’s travels. Each place he highlights gives you great facts that you probably didn’t know. In addition to the facts, Sam shares what made each place special to him. In the beginning of each chapter there are 3 facts and/or questions about the place you are about to explore with Sam. The answers to the questions are in the back of the book. I truly enjoyed reading this book, I learned a lot that I had no clue about. For people who are unable to travel but would like to, check out this book and travel vicariously through Sam. Great job to this son & father team. Illustrations throughout the book in black and white, done by Marco Primo, just add to the dynamic of the story.

The Son & Dad Duo

Sam Morrison is half British-half American. He lives in Washington, D.C., is just beginning to understand American football, thinks treacle pudding should be served with every meal, and doesn’t understand why old, Italian men pull their pants up so high on their waists. He grew up playing soccer in the parks of Paris and can hold his breath underwater for 25 seconds.

Angus Morrison is Sam’s dad. He has spent half of his career in Europe and half of it in the US. He likes good coffee, a well-made martini, and toast. He wishes more people were curious about the world around them and thinks cities should provide advice kiosks manned by out-of-work philosophy students.

Huge thank you to Mascot Books for gifting us a copy in exchange for our honest review. We had an amazing time “traveling” to different places through Sam’s eyes! Click on the book below to get your copy.

To all my readers, thank you for your continued support. You guys really rock! Have a wonderful day!


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