The Gift Of Haley

The Gift Of Haley

By Terri Bené & Rosemary Lynn – Illustrated by Marty Petersen

How do you heal a broken heart? Meet Haley, a lovable Labrador puppy…and an unstoppable thief! Laugh along with her as she steals her way into Emily’s heart, while also stealing anything else she can get her paws on along the way! Readers will enjoy the wild escapades of Haley as she brings love and laughter back into the life of her young best friend Emily.Get ready to hang on to your belongings and your heart while reading The Gift of Haley!

Our Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book is an absolute joy to read. It speaks of heartbreak, unlikely friendships and healing. Haley is based on real life dog, another family member. Throughout the story it tells of all the mischief Haley gets herself into. If you’ve ever had a new puppy you know exactly what they are capable of. They are also capable of unconditional love, and before long they are melting your heart. Wonderful illustrations by Marty Petersen pull it all together beautifully. The plush Haley, with adorable bandana, makes your child feel as if they are in the story, forging a deeper connection to the book. We love it and hopefully we’ll see more books from this team in the near future!

The Dream Team

Along with her siblings, Jake & Grace, Haley was born January 4, 2003, and Haley and Jake became Rosemary Lyn’s dog-children on Valentine’s Day, Haley is sweet, loving and energetic and she is a thief Her preference Is for shiny objects. Haley brought three friends together to tell her story

Terri Bené is a children’s book author, as well as the mother of seven and grandmother of six (so far). She has shared a log home In the beautiful Colorado Rockies with her family and many furry creatures for over 30 years. After recently completing a degree in psychology, she is now thinking about what she wants to be when she grows up.

Rosemary Lynn was born June 22, 1965, in Lakewood, California to the most loving mother on earth, Rosemary Senior: She is a software engineer by education and has lived In sunny Arizona for 25 years, A real job is being a “dog mom” to Haley and Jake. She is committed to all children learning and laughing

Marty Petersen grew up drawing painting, sculpting and carving anything he could get his hands on. After receiving degrees in 1 Illustration and Commercial Art from Kendall School of Design in Michigan, Marty relocated to Colorado where he has worked as a designer, Illustrator, and wood carver for several years. Best known as the artist who illustrated the “Justification for Higher Education” poster, his first love is illustrating children’s books.

Huge thank you to these amazing people for not only gifting me a book in exchange for an honest review, but blessing my son with a little plush Haley of his own. Get your book & plush set by clicking on the book below.

To everyone who stopped in today, thank you so much for taking the time. I hope to see you all back sometime soon. If you liked this book review please do me a favor and hit that follow button below. You’ll never miss a post again. Have an amazing week friends and stay safe.

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