Unlikely Friends

Unlikely Friends

By Susan Banki

When choosing a friend, look for kindness and laughter. You’ll find that your life’s full of joy ever after. A baby rhino and a billy goat form an unlikely friendship. Working together they overcome adversity and the scorn of their animal peers. Their friendship eventually is put to the test as they use their unique skills to help each other, and the other animals, get to safety when a flood washes their homes away. Inspired by a true story of unlikely animal friends, this story shows young readers how unlikely friends can be the best friends of all.

Wonderful Book

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Diversity beautifully broken down into terms a child can grasp.  In this story a rhino and a goat are buddies and the other animals think that’s a disgrace!  The other animals think that they should stick to their own kind.  But when tragedy happens they all learn that differences don’t matter, true friendship can come in all forms.  In today’s world children need to learn this, now more than ever.  Susan does a great job at teaching a subject that is sometimes hard to go about.  Illustrator, Joshua McConnell, has created some of the most expressive characters I’ve seen!

The Team Behind The Masterpiece

Susan Banki has been working with refugees for nearly 20 years, inspired by her father, a refugee himself. She has visited and run creative workshops for children in refugee camps across the globe to teach about friendship and inclusiveness, to much acclaim. ‘Unlikely Friends’ is Susan’s first children book. When not writing and working with refugees Susan enjoys spending time with her husband, Josh, their two children, friends and traveling the globe looking for adventure.

Josh has been drawing and doodling since early childhood, a hobby that kept him sane through graduate school at MIT and a job at NASA designing robots to look for life on Mars.  Currently, Josh works as a business consultant where he gets to use fancy words like synergy, bandwidth and thought leader with a straight face.

Huge thank you to the wonderful people at Brave Rhino Books who generously gifted my little guy this amazing book!  Get your copy of “Unlikely Friends” by clicking on the book below.

To my amazing fans: You Rock!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for hanging out with me again.  See you soon!


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