The Wonders Of Summer

The Wonders Of Summer

By Kealy Connor Lonning

This beautiful, heartwarming story, shows a little girl and her loving dad, as they experience the wonders of summer! The world is joyful and magical, when seen through a child’s eyes, and the splendid season of summer, is waiting for them to explore!

Such a delightful book, that follows an adventurous girl, and her dad, as they enjoy the simple pleasures of summertime. They have a picnic, watch the clouds, wade in a river, eat ice cream, and catch fireflies. The illustrations are stunning, and the lyrical text creates the perfect ode to the season.

Readers will feel the excitement of this spunky girl, and relate to the special bond that she has with her daddy. Their sweet, tender moments, celebrate the timeless love between a parent and a child.

We Give It

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The perfect book for summer!  This book is awesome.  It is based on the authors daughter and husband, what a bond they have!  The rhyming descriptions of summer and the activities they share are beautifully written.  The illustrations by Lora Look bring the story to life.  A touching story about a daddy and his little girl. This would also make a perfect Father’s Day gift, but holiday or not, this is one fantastic book!

Let’s Meet The Author

Kealy Connor Lonning is an author of children’s books, a mom to six kids, and was a teacher for 32 years. She has a master’s degree in education/reading, and a bachelor’s degree in elementary/early childhood education. Kealy grew up in a small Iowa town, with amazing parents. She and her two younger sisters had an awesome childhood! After college, Kealy married her high school classmate, and they lived in Iowa and Wisconsin, raising their six children. In 2015, they moved with 4 of their 6 kids, from Iowa to New Jersey, near New York City, so their boy/girl twins could chase their dreams! Their oldest son was grown, and their older daughter was in college. After two years in NJ, their twins moved to NYC. Kealy and her husband still have two girls at home, and are raising them to be kind and brave, and to follow their dreams, like their older siblings.

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