Punk The Skunk – Learns To Say Sorry

Punk The Skunk – Learns To Say Sorry

By Misty Black

Punk the Skunk liked to tease. Normally, his teasing was harmless. But today was not a normal day.

Will Punk be able to do what it takes to get his friends back, or will it be too late?  Find out now in this anti-bullying book that may have you rooting for the “under-skunk.”


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Punk The Skunk is the first book in the “Punk & Friends Learn Social Skills” series.  Each of these books teaches a life lesson that every child should hear.  First of all this book is just stunning!  Beautiful illustrations by Ana Rankovik printed on high gloss paper!  The story that Misty creates about Punk touches on some serious issues that happen to young children these days.  This book is about bullying, empathy, realizing you went to far, forgiveness and true friendship.  She spins the tale in a way that will keep your child’s attention, wanting to know what happens next.  A fantastic way to get this message absorbed into little minds.  Bravo!  When you purchase Punk The Skunk, don’t forget to get Can Guilliam Control His Temper and Brave The Beaver Has The Worry Warts to complete the series.

Let’s Meet Misty Black

Misty Black is the mother of three amazing children, each with their own set of abilities and challenges. She has worked with a number of counselors over the years, learning how to be a better parent and help her children deal with their struggles. She believes that learning social skills is one of the most important things children can do. Misty’s drive to share what she has learned led her to write a series of children’s books about social skills. Her goal is to teach these skills in a fun way that can get kids to pay attention.

Thank you Misty for sending this again book for me and my son to read and review! To get your copy click on the book below!

To all my steady readers thank you from the bottom of my heart, if you just popped in today keep coming back it’ll be fun! Have a wonderful day!


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