The Little Cockroach

The Little Cockroach

by Susie Violet

The little cockroach, Pedro, gets very bored with the sand and the beaches of Angel Bay. Pedro tells his best friend, Enrico, that he’s tired of being in the same place. From there the best friends start their adventure. Avoiding dangers, boarding planes and getting ice cream dumped on them is just the beginning of their journey. As they lay down in bed talking about all the fun they had, they drift off to sleep knowing that they have many adventures ahead of them.

Our Thoughts

I thought this book was absolutely adorable. It’s told from a cockroaches point of view, which is totally awesome! Imagine how little creatures must see our world. They have quite the adventure with many dangers. Taking pictures and avoiding dangers they have the time of their lives. The whole time they reinforcing the meaning behind friendship. In the back of the book there is the cutest little “Roach Trip” collage of pictures.

The Woman Behind The Magic

Author Susie Violet is an English writer who grew up in the county of Essex. She is an indie author who writes in her spare time with she’s not at work. Susie loves to travel around the UK on “Roach Trips” in her camper. She enjoys reading her book at bookshops, schools and libraries. The illustrator, Alex Patrick was born in England and has been drawing for as long as he can remember. His lifelong love for cartoons, picture books and comics have made him into the great illustrator he is today.

To get your copy simply click on the picture below!

That’s going to wrap up this week’s book review. Thank you so much Susie Violet for providing me with a copy! I hope you guys have a great week. See you next week, same time – same place!


One thought on “The Little Cockroach

  1. hahaha,…a funny one. Made me wonder, if i was one wearing a sudexo & a dinner jacket & waiting to be served. Highly imaginative & full of creativity. Nice One Indeed !!


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