Perfect Father’s Day Gift

David Jr’s Adventures with Daddy

David Jr's Adventures with Daddy Book

Ryder and the Paw Patrol are at Mr. Porter’s restaurant with their friend David Jr and his Daddy. David Jr’s Daddy surprises them all with a special treat, cherry pie and cherry pup treats! This gives them the idea to do something nice for David Jr’s Daddy. Ryder asks David Jr what his Daddy likes. David Jr talks about all the fun stuff that him and Daddy do together. Like going out to eat and going to the park. David Jr and the Paw Patrol decide to throw David Jr’s Daddy a surprise party! The party turns out great. As David Jr’s Daddy thanks him for the party, he tells him he didn’t need to do all that because having him as a son is the only gift he ever needs! David Jr can’t wait for his next adventure with his Daddy!!

My Thoughts

What an amazing book for Father’s Day! Each book is personalized to look like your child and his/her Daddy. Mix the personalization with the Paw Patrol and you get a masterpiece!! The storyline is great, highlighting everything a child would love doing with their Daddy, and then the child trying to give back just a little joy to their Daddy. The end of the story is heartfelt thoughts from every dad to his child, closing the book with a beautiful picture. You are also able to write a dedication in the front of the book, and choose what your child calls his Dad. For my son David Jr, it’s Daddy all the way.

Who, What, When & Where?

Penwizard specializes in making personalized books that integrate characters all children know and love. Penwizard wants to encourage their love of reading with children of all ages. They did an amazing job on this book. Not only do I have the perfect Father’s Day gift, but going through the process to make it was super simple. They print high quality pictures that are vivid. The story unfolds stunningly in 24 pages of magic. Each page has a personalized Daddy or child on it. If you are looking for a perfect Father’s Day gift, look no further! If you order by June 14th – US, June 10th – CA, and June 17th – UK. use the code LOVEDAD you can not only save 15% but you’ll also have your book before Father’s Day! YES, the book arrives on your doorstep within the week.


Thank you guys for joining me again for this weeks book review! See you again next week!


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