Free Online Tutoring

Good afternoon!

A while ago I wrote a post on how to make money going to college.  If you didn’t get a chance to read it you can find it HERE.

I wanted to give you guys an amazing update about OneClass.  Due to the coronavirus shutting down schools, many students are falling behind.  

OneClass is now offering free online tutoring seven days a week!  How amazing is that?  Their tutors will be teaching live for high school, college and university math and chemistry.  You can go directly to the Livestream page by clicking below!


OneClass is also offering 100,000 hours of one on one tutoring.  There is also a list of the previous live streams that you can watch.

This is an amazing opportunity for those students that don’t want to fall behind, or if they just have a thirst to learn.  

I already have a very positive opinion about OneClass as seen in my previous post about their services.  However, they have outdone themselves with providing these free educational resources for students who are missing out due to the coronavirus.  

Even if you don’t have children in high school, college or university, please feel free to share or pass on this information to someone who could use it.

I hope you are all remaining safe!  Have a great weekend!

One Blessed Momma


One thought on “Free Online Tutoring

  1. Amazing, amazing testimony. Children have a way of causing us to make permanent life changes. God is amazing, he knows what to do to and when to do it! I enjoyed your story and will continue to follow your blog!


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