Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

The greatest moment in all time.  Three days after Jesus died for ALL off our sins, He miraculously rose from the grave.  For the people that didn’t believe, this was a real eye opener for them.  This moment in time made it so that each and every one of us can have eternal life.  How amazing is that?!? 

Imagine the joy that His mother felt!  I cannot even fathom the anguish she endured watching what happened to her son.  It hurts my heart to think of what she went through.  However, on that third day he was no longer in the tomb. He has Risen!!

For those of you who have followed my blog you know that most of my life was spent doing Satan’s dirty work.  I was a full time addict and criminal.  However, Jesus, our Shepard found his lost sheep. He not only forgave me but God has blessed me continuously day after day.  As I sit here and look at my happy little family, I wonder what did I do to deserve such an amazing life – I didn’t do anything to DESERVE this.  It’s is because Jesus took all of my sins and washed them away with His blood, for me, for you!  

Good Friday I was able to stream church service over Facebook live.  My parents joined us from the other side of town.  My parents, and my brothers and I have always spent Easter with my parents.  My parents usually hosted an Easter egg hunt for all the children.  This year has been real different.  However, today my man, myself and our son got in the car and drove to my parents house.  We surprised them from the front yard and we’re able to chat through the window for a moment.
It’s those little moments that really count!  My son who has only seen Papa and Grandma on video chat since this epidemic, had the biggest smile when they opened the window!! The joy I felt in my heart watching them interact made my day.

Below you’ll find some pictures of our little guy finding his Easter basket.  God blessed me after 37 years with this amazing little boy.  I can honestly say that I will never do drugs again! I aim to live by God’s will and his will alone.  I really thought I could never have kids, yet God’s timing was perfect!  I would have died had I not gotten pregnant, because drugs were how I brought joy to my life.  Or so I thought!  I’ve been clean going on 29 months now, that’s the longest ever in the past 24 years.  If God can turn my world around He can do it for you. 

If you haven’t accepted Jesus in your life, there’s no time like the present.  Watch your life become the one you always wanted.  Find that peace you are looking for.

To all my followers, Happy Resurrection Sunday! God bless you!

One Blessed Momma


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