Coronavirus – Living In New York

I pray that as you are reading this that you are somewhere safe and healthy.

The Coronavirus has shook the United States. More specifically the state of New York. Out of the 135,000 United States cases, 59,300 all fall in the state of New York.

To say this is a scary time is an understatement. Too many people aren’t taking it seriously and that’s why it has spread so fast here in NY. People thinking that they are immune. I never once thought that I would live through something like this in my lifetime.

For almost 2 weeks now I haven’t left my home. Being a stay at home mom has made this self quarantine so much easier.  I watch my son play and am so thankful that he doesn’t know what’s going on outside our home right now.  One day when he goes to school he will learn about this time in his history class. 

When this first started I thought it was being blown out of proportion.  I was so wrong.  If you are somewhere that this hasn’t hit hard yet, please stay inside and stay safe.  The sheer devastation hurts my heart.  So many people are losing their lives in hospital beds, no family members are allowed to be there to share their last moments.  Hospitals in NYC have refrigeration trucks outside because their hospitals cannot contain the number of bodies that they are losing.  

This virus has changed since it got to the USA.  It’s no longer just targeting older people and people with pre-existing lung conditions.  Young, healthy people are dying.  An infant died in the US just the other day.  No one is safe.  Stay at home.  You don’t need to go to the store, or to go out with your friends.  Spring break can wait.  Do your part and stop the spread so you don’t end up like we are here in New York, Italy & Spain.  It’s not worth it, anything can wait. 

My heart goes out to everyone that has lost someone.  I pray for each and every one of you.  I pray for those that have it, that they have a quick recovery.  I pray that families that don’t have it, don’t come in contact with it.

I don’t only pray for my country, I pray for this whole world, all of humanity.  We all need to stand together and pray. Pray for God’s mercy upon us, pray for those that have lost someone, pray for those who remain afflicted.  Pray for your families, your friends, your neighbors and even your enemies.

Take this time to be grateful for all that you have.  Until two weeks ago we had dinner with my parents every Saturday.  A weekly get-togethers to love, share, and laugh together.  My parents only live ten minutes away and I cannot see them.  Call your loved ones, video chat often.  Tell them you love them.  Forgive those who have wronged you.  Take ten minutes out of your day and just pray! There’s power in prayer! Amen!

To anyone reading this I pray that God’s love and mercy be upon you.  

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stop The Spread & Save Lives

Let’s pray for humanity!

One Blessed Momma


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