Models The Whole Family Will Enjoy!

As parents we all continuously try to find ways for our children to be creative.  In a day and age where electronics rule, sometimes it’s hard to find something our children will enjoy.  Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of educational apps out there, but you don’t want your child relying on a tablet for everything.  We need to find hands on activities that our children will enjoy, and not view as a punishment or chore.  I have found something that I believe every child, no matter what age, will be excited about.

Let me introduce you to Ugears!  I can’t lie, even as an adult I was excited about getting my hands on these.   I’m sure you will be too! Scroll to the bottom to get your discount code now!

Easy Versions

Ugears creates 3D wooden models in the form of a puzzle that the whole family will enjoy.  Each model comes with everything you need to complete each project.  There is no need for glue or any tools.  These models are self-propelled.  You heard it right, each of these models moves in different ways without the use of engines or batteries.  They also have models that don’t move, those models are much less complicated and are more for your younger children.  The smaller models can be put together and painted to your child’s preferences.  

There are models that are intermediate.  These are geared towards young adults.  Then they have the advanced models that target teenagers and adults.  

I personally got an Amber Box.  This box is intricately designed.  It comes with real amber pieces that create a beautiful end creation.  The amber box opens up and has different compartments.  Perfect for jewelry. Check out the video below to view my Amber Box.

Amazing Right???

They have so many different models to choose from. You really have to check them out. Check out the link below to go directly to their YouTube channel and view all the amazing models they have.

UGears YouTube

I honestly cannot get enough of these models… I aim to collect them all! Whether you are into models, or your significant other & kids are, you cannot go wrong with these models. They make perfect gifts for any occasion. This coming year why don’t you give a unique gift that will last a lifetime. Get a few models and sit down as a family and have some quality time, or you can even share one and work on it together.

Use MOMMASPOT for 15% off your order!

Head on over to to browse and find your perfect model today. Or you can just click HERE and it’ll take you there directly!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and enjoy your new puzzles!

One Blessed Momma

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