Affordable & Organic Skin Care

Let’s talk about skincare! This year I will be turning 40 years young, and taking care of my skin has never been more important. I’m sure many can agree that time does not do our skin justice. We develop fine lines & wrinkles, our skin gets dull, our elasticity fails us and all other problems we face.

As we scourge the internet looking for the “right” miracle product we come across prices that are just mind blowing! I’ve actually seen some skincare products costing thousands of dollars. Then if you are looking for organic or vegan products those prices just keep rising. I don’t know about you, but I don’t happen to have that kind of money laying around. Even if I did, I don’t believe I could justify a purchase like that to myself.

I have had the honor of working with a company that can solve these problems for us. They are organic and vegan products that are sourced ethically, and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. The company is called Argan Beauty Deep. They source high quality products right from the source. Their argan oil is sourced right from Morocco where the finest argan oil is produced. Argan Beauty Deep works hand & hand with a member from BAYTI Association which is a non-profit that helps children. Argan Beauty Deep is based in the UK, but don’t worry – we can still purchase their products.

I would like to share with you my opinion of four different products from Argan Beauty Deep. Next month I will share new products! So be on the lookout for that!

The Products

Natural Beldi Moroccan Black Soap

This black moroccan soap has me at a loss for words. With only 4 simple ingredients which are also vegan and cruelty free, this soap gently exfoliates your skin removing dead skin while providing an immense amount of hydration. The end result leaves your skin feeling so smooth, soft and hydrated.

Ingredients: Water, Olive Oil, Potassium Hydroxide & Lemon Essential Oil

Aloe Retinol Facial Serum

This aloe retinol facial serum is designed to brighten your skin tone while providing key nourishment for anti-aging problems. This helps to stimulate your collagen productions reducing those crows feet we all get as the years go on. This serum also works well for acne problems by unclogging pores reducing breakouts. All that sun damage we acquired while out tanning?? This will help reduce the effects of that also.

Natural Organic Handmade Sunscreen

I am so excited to tell you about this sunscreen! This stuff is amazing, it protects you from the sun and is waterproof. Not waterproof like other sunscreens claim to be, but really waterproof. This sunscreen gives you all day protection without your face looking or feeling greasy. With only seven pronounceable ingredients! I can honestly say that I will never use another sunscreen again. Thick and creamy so you don’t need much, this jar will last all summer!

Pro Age Renew Serum

This pro age serum is another of my favorites. I apply it each night before bed and let the magic happen! This serum is packed with vitamins and minerals! After using this for a few weeks now I have noticed I have a glow back to my skin, my face feels firmer. I have also noticed that my skin tone is levelling back out, no more dark spots. I also have very dry skin and this also does well at hydrating while I sleep.


So if you are aging and it shows, why not treat yourself to a skincare line that not only won’t break the bank, but that also provides quality organic products that are cruelty free? I, myself, will continue to trust Argan Beauty Deep for my skincare concerns! Next month I will be bringing you some more products that you won’t be able to live without.

I pray you all have a wonderful weekend!

One Blessed Momma


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